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Out of title race?

After the draw against wigan the title race seems to be all but over.

“We are still in the title race. It is more difficult now but we will still fight away,” said Grant.

Chelsea face Everton on Thursday before playing United on 26 April.

“We need to win the games against Everton and Manchester United,” added Grant. “If not, it will be more difficult – and we need one more bad result off Manchester United.

“We know at some stage you can lose the points but we didn’t want it to happen against Wigan.”

Lets hope that Manchester united drop points against Blackburn thereby giving us a slim chance of the title.


  1. You are not praying hard enough, hehehehe you must and shall pray. Go MU Go….

    Just kidding, may I link yours to my site?


  2. Awesome blog, saw it on the blog forum. Keep up the good work.


  3. De prayers will definitely go in vain.. Wait and watch the Red Devils double..