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Are Chelsea out of the Title Race ?

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It has been a really disappointing two weeks or three weeks if you are a Chelsea fan. The loss at San Siro, the heavy defeat at home to Manchester City and a Champions league exit without even making the quarter finals. And to top it all off a disappointing draw at Blackburn. Everyone knew before the game that with Manchester United and Arsenal winning we should win our two games in hand against Blackburn and Portsmouth to be top of the table.

What do we do then? Play with good spirits for 30 odd minutes and then try to sit back on the lead and finally lose a goal to end up drawing the match. It must be really confusing if I were Roman Abramovich to blame somebody. Should I blame Ancelotti for persisting with the same players ever match when he could have played some good youngsters in the squad such as Bruma, Kakuta and Borini. Even Matic seems to be good. Or should I blame the guy in charge of the transfer department (whoever that is!) for failing to identify the problems with the squad and bringing new and hungry youngsters who
have pace to the club? Or in the end should I blame myself for sacking one the best managers in world football?

Some big questions to answer if I were Roman. Thankfully I am not and I just have the only job of being sick of seeing Chelsea end up winning nothing after a season that promised so much at the start.

Looking hard and long it appears there seems to be some positives. We are still only four points behind Manchester United in the table and in the semi-finals of the FA cup. Although our fixtures in the league do not exactly inspire confidence that we are going to win the league this year given that all our tough fixtures are away from home where we have won just half of the games played. With visits to Old Trafford, Anfield and White Hart Lane there will be little money on Chelsea winning the league this season.

Tabloids have already started discussing next season transfer targets. I just hope that Roman starts discussing the same and brings in a host of world class players that we are linked with like Ribery, Aguero, Torres and Hamsik and so on.