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Lampard and Cole to leave Chelsea for Madrid?

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There is always a special place for Jose Mourinho in the hearts of Chelsea fans. But I guess that place won’t be as much special as before if he gets his wish and manages to lure Frank Lampard to Real Madrid. Apparently that is what he has in mind once he completes his move from Inter Milan to become the manager of Real Madrid. Any player would want to play for Madrid. Their lure is so great that no player can ignore them as Chelsea fans found out with Arjen Robben back in 2007. But will a player like Lampard who has so much grown along with Chelsea think about leaving?

Lampard who has scored 27 goals in all competitions in his best ever season with Chelsea did
not win any personal awards. That is due to himself and his consistency. Lampard scoring 20 goals a season is not news anymore. It is one, only if he doesn’t do it. So it is clear to see why a great manager like Mourinho would be interested in him. He said,

“I like players in the final part of their careers. I love to have some players who are 33 or 34 years old. They are players that you buy and you won’t recover this money, but if they give you good performances for two or three years you’ve got your money’s worth. Both (Gerrard and Lampard) are great players who always give everything.

Last season Chelsea successfully kept hold of Terry after much publicized interest from Manchester City. Chelsea have to do it all over again, this time for another legend. Gerrard at 30 years of age and at a club in disarray like Liverpool has more chances to make the move than Lampard, who still has three years to run on his £150,000 a week contract.

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Another player linked heavily not just to Madrid but also quite a number of top clubs is Ashley Cole. After a splendid season personally where he became the first player to win a record 6th FA cup winner’s medal, he can rightly be considered the best left back in the world. He still three years left on his contract and if there is one reason for him to move, it will be due to his personal life. But after the kind of season that Chelsea have had, he will be only looking to build that up and win the Champions League.

I don’t see this happening and there is more chance of Abramovich becoming bankrupt than Lampard and Ashley Cole being sold.

What do you think?


  1. Roman will not allow it. Same goes for Essien, Drogba and whomever else Chelsea wants to hang onto.

  2. I too think the same. Even if Roman decides in favour of it, he will have stiff opposition from the fans.

  3. lampard is a true chelsea legend he will nvr leave chelsea

  4. @Chiraj, Can’t agree with you more.