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Zola Linked With Chelsea, Ancelotti Hopes To Stay

Zola linked with Chelsea manager
Image Credit: Guardian

After the season-ending defeat against Manchester United, the commiserations have started in an antagonistic way as Ancelotti’s head flies from one end to the other. The prospect of sacking the manager seems to come to the doorstep of Stamford Bridge at the end of every season. This season seems to be no different, despite Ancelotti’s double winning first season.

An awful lot has gone both in terms of the playing and the coaching staff. It seems to have gone unrealised by many. From the sacking of Ray Wilkins to the huge injury list midway through the season, Ancelotti has experienced the brute force of the English Premier League this time around.He has withstood all these to bring Chelsea at least with a real possibility of winning the title in the final few weeks unlike Arsenal.

Roman Abramovich seems to have realised this at last after reports have been released stating that Chelsea are considering appointing Gianfranco Zola. Now, just before you get ahead of yourself, he is being rumoured to be considered for a position in the Chelsea coaching staff in some sort of support role for Ancelotti rather than take the position of Ancelotti himself.

If Zola was in fact appointed as a manager, then it would definitely be a decision taken by the heart rather than the mind. However, this seems to be a very suitable solution, with Zola prepared to take over from Ancelotti should things not improved next season.

Ancelotti has said,

“We have to wait two weeks – it is not a long time. I hope to stay but it is not my decision. I don’t know what the owner thinks about the season but in my opinion we could have done better. Italy is my country and I cannot say I don’t want to come back to Italy – I will come back to Italy one day as I love my country.”

Even though the players seem to have overcome the disappointment of the sacking of Ray Wilkins, there is definitely the need for a figure like Wilkins and Zola can provide exactly that. Having already pushed West Ham to the brink of relegation last season, the cult figure of Zola has been pushed to even greater heights.

There is also a rumour that Guus Hiddink will return to Chelsea in the management level, but it is a decision that will once again put Chelsea politics into the media spotlight.