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Champions League: Napoli vs Chelsea Match Preview

If Chelsea’s recent form is anything to go by, then this could be the last match for André Villas-Boas as the Chelsea manager. The former FC Porto boss said when he took over in the summer that winning something was a requirement and not an expectation. He also said that failing to win the Premier league or the Champions League can be considered as a reason to sack him without second thoughts. Based on his own admissions, André Villas-Boas will be out of the Chelsea job if Chelsea capitulated in the same way as Arsenal did at the San Siro last week.After the disappointing 1-1 draw with Birmingham City during the weekend, it is very much expected that Fernando Torres would be dropped for this match. The former Liverpool striker was said to be extremely unhappy at his substitution at half-time. Even though Didier Drogba did not make much of a difference as a player, he is expected to get the nod ahead of Fernando Torres. For me, though, Chelsea’s major weakness lies in the midfield. There is absolutely no creativity from the central midfielders at Chelsea, and the poor performances by the Chelsea players as a whole make a mockery of fans who buy Chelsea tickets to watch them play.

Part of this reason may rest on the fact that André Villas-Boas is constantly rotating his players in midfield. One week Frank Lampard is playing and in the next week, he isn’t. Selecting three defensive midfielders for the home match against Championship team Birmingham also did not help matters either.

Contrary to reports, this match is not a do or die game for Chelsea. A score draw would be a great result away at Napoli given the way the Italian team has dominated the likes of Manchester City and Bayern Munich in the group stages. Napoli have a formidable forward line up and their primary strength is to play on the counter-attack. Chelsea can totally destroy their tactics with an early goal, which would allow us to play on the counter-attack. A score draw would also mean more of the same in the second leg, tickets for which are also available via TicketBis.

It is almost going to be a month since Chelsea’s last victory. However, this is certainly one fixture André Villas-Boas will be happy to come out with a draw.