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Chelsea to Offer Lampard a New Deal

This is a news that will be music to the ears of all Chelsea fans: Frank Lampard is about to be given a new contract by Chelsea. The news is not official yet, but Daily Mail are reporting that the club has started the negotiations with the 34-year-old. All along the way, Chelsea fans have been pointing out to Roman Abramovich that he would be making a grave mistake in letting Lampard leave the club. He may hail from West Ham, but he is one of our own.

After a staggering 197 goals and 11 seasons, Lampard can truly be considered as a legend. He may be 35 in the summer, but there is no denying the fact that he can fight it out against the Hazard’s and Oscar’s of this world. He has proved that several times this season already.

He has scored 10 goals in just 17 matches, and one does not need reminding that HE IS A MIDFIELDER.

After dragging several months over the contract of Ashley Cole, the club extended the deal for the left back. Yet, there was no word of a deal for Lampard. However, it seems that the goal by the midfielder – for England in the 2-1 friendly win over Brazil – has finally convinced Abramovich that he should keep him at the Bridge.

There were signs that Abramovich regretted the decision to let Drogba leave in the summer. I would say it is a good decision by the owner to not repeat the same again.

“I love Chelsea and, ideally, I will be here longer than just one more season. I decided to be here at Chelsea for the long haul.” – Frank Lampard in April 2012.

Lampard has consistently stated that he would like to stay at Chelsea. Well, what are you waiting for Roman? Sign him up.