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@Chelsea Board: Tips on winning over the Blues faithful

Bad decisions after bad decisions. ChelseaAggro’s tips on how to win over the Chelsea faithful. (This tip guide is mainly for the deluded board of Chelsea FC)

1. Bring back the special one.

I think it was obvious that I would put this at the top. Mourinho to come back to Chelsea would make all Chelsea fans around the world the happiest supporters in the world. He’s a Chelsea legend and a Chelsea fan, although there is some tension between Mourinho and Abramovich there is no doubt that Abramovich must have at least considered Mourinho to manage Chelsea again. The best manager in the world+£££££££££=The best team in the world. Simple.

2. More communication.

The thing that I think lacks at Chelsea football club is that we don’t have a sensible way of communication between the club and the fans. Last year when we had AVB, rumours were coming in that Rafa would be appointed as Chelsea boss following AVB’s poor run at the club. The next match after, Chelsea fans turned up with banners against Rafa and chanted against him. We made it clear that we didn’t like him and didn’t want him at our club. A year later against our will we have Rafa as our Interim first-team manager. Something that all Chelsea fans will take a long time to forgive the club. Even more so that he replaced Chelsea legend Di Matteo who is proper Chels!

3. What happens to the Chelsea youth

As Champions of Europe we are bound to have a large amount of cash at our disposal and some of that money has been spent on scouts to search the world for the next up and coming youngster to improve our youth squad and hopefully in the future to improve our first team squad. However, repeatedly we sell them to other clubs and make no use of them. Anyone remember Fabio Borini now at Liverpool? He was a Chelsea youth player before he joined Roma and then Liverpool and now he’s a pretty decent player. We could have used him when we had players injured but instead we done the wrong thing and sold him. I think this subject also underlines the impatience that Chelsea have and the lack to wait and see what happens.

4. Just have a little patience

Repeatedly the Chelsea board have shown to the world of football that patience is extremely thin. Other big clubs have shown that patience is the way forward to own and maintain a football club. If you look at our squad, you notice that all of the players are bought from all sorts of managers. If you look at Man Utd, for instance their squad is filled with all SAF signings that represent his style and philosophy and his way of looking towards the game.

5. A sorry would be nice.

A word that is used to savour things and try to get along. And a word that Chelsea haven’t said to us. ‘SORRY’ after the appointment of Rafa Benitez and sacking of Di Matteo it would be really nice if the board could actually give in and apologise for making us angry and upset. It might sound a bit vain that we want an apology but it would certainly make us forgive them for the atrocity that they committed (hiring Benitez) and sacking our beloved Di Matteo.

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