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Bayern Munich vs Chelsea 2013 Preview: Line-ups & Formations

Matches against Pep Guardiola’s teams are always fascinating tactically and the same can be said of Jose Mourinho’s teams as well. There is no doubt that Guardiola has had the upper hand over Mourinho, but the gap is closing. How will Bayern and Chelsea approach the Super Cup 2013?

Bayern’s possible line-up and movements across the pitch:

bayern munich vs chelsea 2013 bayern munich lineup formation preview

Chelsea’s possible line-up and movements across the pitch:

bayern munich vs chelsea 2013 chelsea lineup formation preview

Bayern Munich (4-1-4-1): Neuer; Alaba, Dante, Buyten, Lahm; Kroos; Ribery, Gotze, Muller, Robben; Mandzukic

Chelsea (4-2-3-1): Cech; Cole, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic; Lampard, Ramires; Hazard, Oscar, Schurrle; Torres

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  1. I dnt no d reason y jose is nt usin mikel an mata,we need dis guys 2nty,pls dnt gamble,lampard his notin 2 offer chelsea 2nty.

  2. No mikel, mata and david luis chelsea is nothing, jose bewarn

  3. Mata is not fit all

  4. Pls morinho change lampard 2 mikel if u want 2 win.

  5. I belif mikel wil start bcos jose no,s if he allow bayern 2 play dere runing pattern chelsea wil fall so he nos i need holding 4 which is mikel,we’re good 2go

  6. Luiz nt yt fit y u dey shout on him na, no b his job he dey do?

  7. If u dont understand chel pattern dont comment on wat u dont kn.mou cant bench an england player 4 an african bcos dat is their tradition nd lampard is a chel legend nd england legend also.even if mou bench lamp u people will also abuse him.so lets just hope 2 win dis super match.

    • you don’t know, Chelsea is a club but not a country stop it, what happened to Rooney he not from England or he is not legend for man u, think twice before you act, if a player is not coordinating with others you bench him, here we are looking for trophies but not friend ship remember its a business of somebody, did you hear Abromovich complaining when they benched Terry & Lampard last season ?

  8. and lampard should play only 45 minutes. terry should be out in defense surely bayern they will get a penalty in Chelsae’s defense

  9. Ibrahim Muh'd kebbe

    Mourinho! use obi mikel to stretheng our midle sothat ramires can be as dog to prevent their attacking midl,bring mata & luiz when substitute!

  10. mikel an mata av sumtin 2 offer chelsea 2nty,pls jose start them.if we lose dis game i wil blame jose 4 gambling

  11. Mikek, mata and lukaku

  12. Mikle the man wel need in this martch

  13. I want moriho 2 start mata nd mikel 2night

  14. ……..all the way, Mikel is more reliable than lampard.

  15. Mata and mikel wel need

  16. Use mikel,luiz,lukaku and mata if possible u should use willam

  17. Chelsea should win dis trophy 4 england 2 knw dy ar king

  18. Pls jose we need to start with mikel first b4 lampard

  19. Mikel is needd so as 2 hold d mid field in 2nitez match agnst bayern munich.

  20. I know Mikel could use his short passes to always start an attacking fliar, lampard,lukaku could be use as a sub, mata should come in for shur, Torres is good to go..thats just the changes i would love to see tonight

  21. Plz mou i kwn u’re the best tactically coach av ever seen but in dis type of game we need the presence of four players in todays match,MIKEL,LUKAKU ,MOSES,MATA.you should include LAMPARD in the midfeild interms of experince and MOSES,MATA,TORRES should come in for subtitution earlier….

  22. Let wait until u see d line up.dat formation is just prediction.ok?

  23. Mikel,mata & lukaku should start. We dnt need lampard & torres in todays match

  24. Cant u guys understnd dah mikel mata an luiz is nt fit enough to start play???????my blamin d manager?????buh i pray dey will start today!!!he knws wat to do wit dis players wen dey r fit……..just keep calm…….no risking of our players………

  25. Dat formation is jst a prediction owk

  26. Aright man who were supposed to coach chelsea was KROP believe or not, we meet B VS C

  27. Please let us know that Mike is a good play in de balance four

  28. No luiz no mikel no mata no chelsea

  29. Wìt al i pray we win o

  30. D formation is gud but mikel n mata is needed. Jose y nt start dem