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Bayern Munich vs Chelsea 2013 Preview: Line-ups & Formations

Matches against Pep Guardiola’s teams are always fascinating tactically and the same can be said of Jose Mourinho’s teams as well. There is no doubt that Guardiola has had the upper hand over Mourinho, but the gap is closing. How will Bayern and Chelsea approach the Super Cup 2013?

Bayern’s possible line-up and movements across the pitch:

bayern munich vs chelsea 2013 bayern munich lineup formation preview

Chelsea’s possible line-up and movements across the pitch:

bayern munich vs chelsea 2013 chelsea lineup formation preview

Bayern Munich (4-1-4-1): Neuer; Alaba, Dante, Buyten, Lahm; Kroos; Ribery, Gotze, Muller, Robben; Mandzukic

Chelsea (4-2-3-1): Cech; Cole, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic; Lampard, Ramires; Hazard, Oscar, Schurrle; Torres

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  1. Hi guys how do u tink dat mou wil dom lamprd 4 mikel, n if he does dat his days are counted in chel.lamprd is so cal legent at engl n chel.lamp does his time whn he was at his days but 2day nobody can compie him wit mikel. But any way europe an white peo are good in media paper advatismt,2 too much of coloarful biars.

  2. jose we need mikel, mata and luiz for this match

  3. I hope chels fanz d cumin of jose s nt a failure to d club,hw wud he use torre to start instand of lukaku, mata n moses jose bwar bcz i c failure in d formatn

  4. Plz jose,we need luiz,moses,nd esp Mikel in dis game 4 im 2 hold d midf plz jose,use im even if it is only dis 9ite!

  5. Chelsea nd 2 win dis trophy bcos they ar 4ma teams.plz mouriho god w blez u.

  6. Anifowose walexman

    If chelsea want to win the match luiz must start and ramirez to 7 side mikel and mata in centre

  7. We need mikel 4day macth

  8. We need mikel and david luiz

  9. We need mikel in dat midefield pls jose is mikel can hold d midefield.

  10. I prefer 4-2-3-1. Cech, Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, A.Cole, Mikel, Ramires, Oscar, Mata, Hazard, Torres. Mata nd Mikel ar going 2 start. Lukaku, Schurlle/K.D Bruyne, nd Lampard will cum in as Substitute. Luiz is not fit enough 2 play.

  11. Hi guys recal dat mikel n so cal lamprd are not in good time wit each oda,n mou can not risk his jop in domping lamp 2 mikel, mou most 2 b answerable to jt n lamprd 2 suceed.

  12. if chelsea want to win today’s match mata ,mikel,david luiz and Eto must be included in the starting team

  13. I thank jose knows what he is doing, starting with torres is not bad and end with lukaku might bring a win and luiz and mata is needed in this game because bayrm is coming for revange


    Chelsea go for win but we still need mikel and mata for this match they can hold our mild field

  15. Mikel mt bi dia pl

  16. Mikel is de man needed to control de midfld.be wise!!!!

  17. My fellow blues fans i greet u all. My own comments goes to some of my pals who don’t cheak or look before commenting. In my own understanding i ll say that the only player we need in this match is Juan Mata. Some said that they need player like David Luiz and Mikel. But i want to comment on that; David Luiz is a fantastic and nice Defender, yes he’s but he is coming out from injury and this match need players who are very healdy and fit. I want to ask a question; who do you want David Luiz to bench in this match? Is it John Terry or Cahill?. If you look at our previous matches you will see that we have no problem in our defence, combination of John Terry and Cahill are so very gallant and they can hold our defence because they are fit. Then in our midfield, the combination of Lampard and Ramires are very good also because if you look at lampard last season he lost form and this term he has picked up. He lampard can mark, he can play free kick and corner, he is ready to shoot at any time. And he Ramires is uncomparable, he don’t even mind if he will get injury or not. He tackles every ball both in the air or on the ground, he pushes attack and he goes marking also. Then we should start Torres up front because he is very dangerous than other strikers we have. Even if he can not score but he can put pressure on defenders and he can creat chance for another person to score. So my pals in my own understanding i would prefer Cech,Cole,Terry,Cahill,Ivanovic,Ramires,Lampard,Hazard,Mata,Oscar,Torres. Up Chelsea.

  18. I need mikel & mata in dis game

  19. Wats all dis.roman abramovich made a mistake 4 signing mourinho.even guus hiddink is far more beta dan jose.look at dis 4mation again,no mata,luiz,mikel and chelsea will return home empty handed.am tired of being a chelsea fan with jose still d manager of d great club.i dnt even think we will win this match.we hate u mourinho.go bac to whr u are 4rm.mourinho will only destroy chelsea as he did to real madrid.mourinho out.am urging abramovich to pls resign di matteo because he is competent bt mourinho is nt.he is nt d jose mourinho we do knw.mourinho out.

    • It’s obvious u are a big fool, Ѡнφ told u dat was d line up for tonight’s match? U said u are tired of being a chelsea fan? Got and kill urself then, u said mou destroyed real? All i can say is dat u are a bastard.

  20. Mou please start mikel and mata.

  21. Plz i need aplicuta 2 play 2wek 4me.an mikel remires not larmpard ,

  22. Mou,use mikel and luis to start the game if you want to win this match.

  23. Ashely cole .aplicutta. cahil ivanovics .mid is ramires mikel osca .forward hazard toress mata

  24. We need mikel eto&mata

  25. I think if josè want 2 suceed in stamford bridge he shud start using mikel mata moses tores hazard cahil tery cole although luiz even after he is fit oscar lampard shurrle de burynt van lukaku eto and offload ba on loan or moses 2 livepoolp{if i dont nid im nw} azicupu ferreria dat all he can do 2 b d hapi 1 and nt d special 1 cus nw he is an empty 1 witout dem

  26. Without mikel chelsea is a looser 2nyt fuck mou 4 d information….

  27. jose plz us mata&mikel

  28. This ain’t d starting line up, it’s just d probable line up… Idiots!

  29. i tink its wise dicission to start lakuku, mata, and mikel.