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Bayern Munich vs Chelsea 2013 Preview: Line-ups & Formations

Matches against Pep Guardiola’s teams are always fascinating tactically and the same can be said of Jose Mourinho’s teams as well. There is no doubt that Guardiola has had the upper hand over Mourinho, but the gap is closing. How will Bayern and Chelsea approach the Super Cup 2013?

Bayern’s possible line-up and movements across the pitch:

bayern munich vs chelsea 2013 bayern munich lineup formation preview

Chelsea’s possible line-up and movements across the pitch:

bayern munich vs chelsea 2013 chelsea lineup formation preview

Bayern Munich (4-1-4-1): Neuer; Alaba, Dante, Buyten, Lahm; Kroos; Ribery, Gotze, Muller, Robben; Mandzukic

Chelsea (4-2-3-1): Cech; Cole, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic; Lampard, Ramires; Hazard, Oscar, Schurrle; Torres

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  1. Pls lets nt 2 worry abt whteva 4mation Mou is gonna use 2nit, he is d manager and he knws best. All we need do is gv hm our total soport and backing in oda 4 hm 2 sail tru pls. Lets nt start 2 judge a book by its cova. Ur sugestions r very gud ones, yes. Mikel is good chelsea player who can hold d midfield perfecty and whn he’s on d ball its nt dat easy b4 u get it 4rm hm, same goes wit Luiz. He is a fantastic defender bt i think in dis case if he is nt fphysically fit it would b a risk 2 strt hm, may b he’ll play in d 2nd half. As 4 Mata i think he’s playing 2nit. So lets nt boda ourself getin angry and being anoid and start qustionin Mou. We shld rada suport hm 2 d full cus he knws best. Thanks Gentle men and ladies, God bless.

  2. Jose pls change lampard to mikel

  3. We need ramirez to play 7 and mikel to replace lampard

  4. Al I cn say is dat lutherford or wateva u cal ursef,u r an idiot,I cnt blive u called ursef a futbal fan,hw culd u say mou destroyed real?wen last did real get 2 d semi finals of d champions league b4 mou came?if ur parents hadn’t been married d world would hav been free frm one idiot.

  5. We need mikel nd mata up blues

  6. I want jose morio to use mikel mata in today march

  7. All of una dy mad..xo una no knw say witout mata or willian nd lukaku we fit loose de match:……….all i ask z fr a gud formation nd Gods blessin towards de match.

  8. To me diz 4mation is fake all i knw is dat weda liuz, mikel, mata, are nt playin. I Wish bluz all de best.

  9. Diz 4mation is fake, Eto’o, luiz, nd mikel are playing. Bluz i wish u al d best

  10. Pls mouriho i knw dat u ar a special coach but pls start juna mata in dis game it wil help our upfront an also lukaku wil be dey best in dat ur one man front thanks. Up blues

  11. B4 mou join chelsea..he didnt want mata and luiz and nw both of them re nt fit 4 every game.who is fooling who? Muo simply lyk sentment.always bench all d spanish playerz we hv. Cos he had prblms wit spain.moses is far better dan schurrle bt nw he wants 2 go out on loan. Mou wil be d empty one 2nyt without atleast mata.cos he wil come bk empty 2 england. Lampard and terry re old. Benitez benchd them and succeeded.upon being under pressure with fanz.nw mou wants all hez old guys bk. Let him succeed make i me c. B4 we play untd we did nt sell any of last season player bt we wer lukn 4 draw in dat match. Bt rafa made d correct fomation and won 2 draw1 and de mateo lost 1 and win 1 against unitd last season. Under benitez we won all our last 13 matches included untd at oldtraford.

    • 9ja futbol supporters are d most stupid u can find in d world. Hw can u say Mou dosnt like Mata..many r so beclouded by dere sentimental view dat dey dnt c frm a realistic point of view.
      Mata frm wht i saw in d Villa wz nt fit for ManU match n d game wz of a tactical display simple! Luiz is nt ok…Mikel n Moses must proof demselves. U kip calling for Lamps to b excluded forgetin he scored(n wz d Mvp) agaist Hull and also assistd a goal in d Villa game. Has dere bn a defender in d world who’s done Beta dan JT in d last 3games? We saw wht Mikel did at d confederations cup bt has it shown dat in Chelsea..d answer is NO. Dis is a work in progress. Go n pile ur pressure on ur National team coach(a God’s gift to u n u wont knw until he leave). Useless n eva demanding futbol fans!!!

  12. There will be problems in our midfield and and attacks without Mata and Mikel featuring…

  13. Pls mourinho de more u ar benchin mata & mikel is de more w’er losing pls make us proud we need wining 2nt

  14. I want chelsea 2 use samuel Eto in dis match

    • Afolabi or wt u called ur self,hw would u expect morio 2 u eto’o in 29yt match datz impossible bcus we just sign d play,d only tin i can said 2 morio is dat he should just use mikel nd mata simple

  15. Muo shud stop featurin old men

  16. We need d man dat mata nd nt schurrle.up chelsea

  17. Pls play mikel, mata nd luiz in this match,cus we need this cup now

  18. My own is that may god help us amen

  19. Chelsea must start mikel nd mata but lampard 2 seat at bench nd dey should not start shurrle

  20. I nid etoo in diz game

  21. mou is bad 4 tis formation he wants to use tonight pls sombody should stop mou all this silly mistake

  22. formation is mour area. let’s go the blue.

  23. Pls use mikel insted of lampard

  24. Mou is a special coach no doubt,but i want ramires,mata mikel to start tonite.chelsea all the way.up bluez.

  25. Pls mou, replace mikel 2 super franky

  26. Pls mou, we need mikel, ramires,and mata in d mildfild pls d atarkn is ok,

  27. truely,we cant win dis match without mikel in the midfield

  28. We al shuld put ourself 2gether and pray we com home wit d cup….dat person u tink is nt gud 2day may b of gr8 importnt 2morow…so let lev evrytin 4 jose 4he knws d best…dat y his appointed dr…up d BLUES

  29. mourinho shuld use mikel nd
    nt lampard