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Chelsea looking to hijack Willian, but do we need him?

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In what appears to be a surprising development, Chelsea are in negotiations with Anzhi Makachkala to sign playmaker Willian. The 25-year-old is believed to be undergoing a medical at Tottenham ahead of a £30 million move. Tottenham hijacked the player from Liverpool, and Chelsea are ready to give them a dose of their own medicine. He has not signed a contract with Tottenham yet and Chelsea still have time to complete the deal.

Willian is a playmaker capable of playing as anyone of the three behind the striker in a 4-2-3-1 formation, but we have enough of those players already.

Andre Villas-Boas says that he was not aware of the sudden interest from Chelsea.

“We were just involved in a game so unfortunately I can’t give you further information.” – Villas-Boas.

Mourinho said that the club did not have Rooney as the sole transfer target, and that there were options B and C as well.

“We have plans B and C. Don’t ask me names because it’s difficult to speak about players from other clubs.” – Mourinho.

Eleven midfielders and counting:

 Chelsea linked with Willian statistics 2013-14

If there was one area Chelsea didn’t need strengthening, then it had to be the midfield. The club has 11 midfielders without counting the likes of David Luiz, who can also play as a midfielder. Hence, you would assume that the club has finished its transfer activity in this position. In fact, that’s what Jose Mourinho has also been saying to the press. Chelsea have been linked only with strikers like Wayne Rooney and Samuel Eto’o.

This transfer would not make sense unless someone is sold, and strangely, it could be Juan Mata. He has been constantly linked with a move away since Mourinho came and he has played just over 60 mins this season.

To be honest, this seems like ‘Plan Z’ to me. Chelsea have had a past interest in Willian, but he is not a player we need right now; especially not at £30 million.

What do you think? Do Chelsea need him?


  1. ogbonna christian

    Signing willian is going to be good for chelsea but for now we dont need him wat we need is a quality striker

  2. adequate, nigeria

    all of u are nt serious. It seems some man u fans has beginning to make negative analysis and suggestion for chelsea in other to mislead chelsea. IT WON’T WORK. Cfc, pls add williams and whosoever u think that wud be a vibrant option.pls we dont want to be silenced dis season, we are seriously beggin.

  3. Actually we do mata sort of lacked confidence against villa and it could continue and if it does chelsea would b short of a creative mind willian would fit in there perfectly and his transfer would bring an end to the days when if mata doesn’t play a match chelsea would struggle also he. Is a good passer and played in a team that practiced chelseas current style of play so his acquistion would definitely help the cause

    • Wot re u all sayn dat we shld spend 35 million pounds on willian wen we hav d liks of mata dbruney schurrle oscar hazard and live our strickn problm unsolve. All am sayn is dat we re not in nid of willian

  4. adequate, nigeria

    thank u. U are a good man that really like cfc.

    • Chelsea need dat lad.. He is very creative nd can play in all d positionz in midfield.. Would b a gd buy 4 chelsea.. You want 2 compete with d best , u go 4 d best.. Itz gonna b a long season nd chelsea need fresh legz.. I go 4 willian

  5. I think it would be a good buyer cos for us, coz mata is stil nt very fit yet, so pls i thnk we need him.

  6. Ucherich u are d only one dat made d point i needed here. Mata is a very gud player, but he has 2 understand d fact dat jose needs his player been strong n agile. As 4 williams is a gud one, but let sell some players in dat positions.

  7. Buying 2 many players in one position will unsettle d odas. Y williams he’s he beta dan mata,hazard,oscar so y do we need him .dat is d problem he wants everybody and dat was wat e did b4 he bought wrigh philps,huth ,del hono, ppl we don’t need and after a year he wud sell dem is dat how 2 build a team God. And I tink dat was y he left madrid cos dey won’t let him buy everybody .dotmund does not av everybody I very small and dey r doing fine jose work on the players u av pls and don’t unsettle dis team pls

  8. Dis means only one thing…Chelsea will use Juan Mata to get wayne rooney. I believe Willian is Mata’s replacement at Chelsea

  9. U ppl shud undastnd is nt mourinho is pushin for de deal,is mr.Abrahimovic so u ppl shud nt be blaming mou,our owner hv an admiratn 4willian 4 a lng tym nt even nw so he thinks he fit de pattern he wnts chelsea to be playin…nonetheness willian is a very nice player he is nt a bad buy,it wl gv us a beta ammunition to distroy opponents so i accept hm wt open arms.

  10. I smell a rat here. I hop mata is not bin put up in xchange 4 rooney, my heart wil be broken to c dat happen

  11. Chelsea need to be carefull for man u on monday



  14. if hes the replacement of Mata, then it would be a good move .. i knw ppl lyk Mata a lot but i dont find em creative mid ..we need an assist machine! Last season Mata assist from corners boosted his tally thats it, an eye for a key long range passes is very limited, get Traore in Sept coz that guy is more special!

  15. If u guys dnt know,chelsea desperately need rooney n Man u desperately nid a gud midfieder like Mata,so Willian is jst gonna b Mata’s replacement yle we xchange Mata 4 Rooney…Gud1 Mou…up blues

  16. Dats a nice idea. Willian is a very creative player, we nid hm so much. Plz Mou get hm quick let hm play against utd… Blues 4 lyf

  17. Watching Willian play against Chelsea in the Champs league, i’ve always wanted him in Stamford Bridge. Looking at the likes of Man City, u’ll agree that we need all the Firepower that we can get. So adding Willian will be good 4 the team since the season is still long and we still have the Champs League 2 play. So Good Move by Roman…..Ktbffh

  18. JM is a cunt

  19. Let d music play,if its nt blue its no colour.