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Most valuable sports teams in the world – Where is Chelsea?

Roman Abramovich Chelsea forbes ranking

Chelsea are close to completing a successful pre-season tour of the United States. Even though the defeat against Real Madrid is a sore point of the tour, it does not make any sense to think only about the negatives. There has been so much positive about the money spinning tour. Kevin De Bruyne and Marco van Ginkel have been standout players from this tour.

This is not the first time Chelsea are coming to the United States. In fact, the team was here only a few months ago to play in a friendly match against Manchester City. This is because the United States has an incredible marketing potential.

Even with a fragile economy, it is not surprising to learn that some of the richest sports franchises are from the United States. Forbes magazine recently listed a list of the top 50 sports franchises in the world. The study, which came out a few weeks ago, has put Real Madrid top of the pile with a valuation of $3.3 billion.

Top five sports franchises in the world and their valuations (according to Forbes):

  1. Real Madrid – $3.3 billion
  2. Manchester United – $3.2 billion
  3. Barcelona – $2.6 billion
  4. New York Yankees – $2.3 billion
  5. Dallas Cowboys – $2.1 billion

Football clubs dominate the top five, but it is a different story when you consider the top 50.

This is the mightily impressive stadium where NFL team Indianapolis Colts play

Dallas Cowboys may be NFL’s (American football) only representation in the top five, but this sport dominates the top 50 with 30 teams. It is not surprising to find that there are several venues for online football betting.

Where do Chelsea rank in the list? Below is the position of football clubs on this list.

10. Arsenal – $1.326 billion
12. Bayern Munich – $1.309 billion
37. AC Milan – $945 million
40. Chelsea – $901 million

Chelsea’s rank is extremely good considering that all the other football clubs in this list have stadium capacities of more than 60,000. Of course, the revenue from the 2012 Champions League victory played a significant role in this ranking. Chelsea turned around $75 million from the Champions league win in 2012. Chelsea will undoubtedly be in the top 10 if it was for a new stadium. However, there are some things that money can’t buy and Stamford Bridge is probably one of them.


  1. We need Rooney and Eto’ badly but we still need to keep Torres no matter what ppl say,we don’t give a fuch Chelsea know what they are doing.Thx.

  2. chelsea really need rooney because he is an expérience player N i knw hé can do more better than torres doh…..but torres is still mah Best .

    • Rooney can’t not do more than Torres, so, torres is chelsea best striker in our squad now

      • who say eto’o is nt ok bcos of his age. i beg leave age mata n c wot he can do. he can score mor dan messi self, go watch d guy

  3. We still torres and willams in our squad, up blues

  4. am eager to see rooney along side hazard.wat a combination

  5. Chelsea is de best football club in England as of now, thanks to you Jose mourinho, you are real de happy one. I hail u mou, up blues

  6. I’m appealing to all chelsea member,the owner,the staff,the manager to strive to bring Rooney to stamford bridge because,our attacking force is sharky we need a goal porcher like rooney.no any team in the history of football can do without a striker am so impressed for what jose is doing so far.UP BLUES………

  7. I keep up wishing every day for rooney to sign 4 chelsea

  8. I think Chelsea management need to be careful in deciding who there next shining’ll be cos i don’t think we need ronney..infact i belive going for players lik chicharito will do.

  9. With or without ronney, torressssss till i die.

  10. nwafor christain

    Even if we dnt mak it in rooney,i stil need does important gaols 4rm torres,but we need rooney 4 canter atack.

  11. I think going 4rooney wl affect torres nd other young players like de bruye,lukaku