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Mourinho: Abramovich wants stability and I’ll give it to him


In the last decade, Chelsea have experienced everything from mega money arrivals, world-class managers, a number of trophies, and a very committed owner. Stability has been one thing lacking from Chelsea during this period. There have been an incredible nine managers since Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea in 2003. Chelsea managers, they are more like lunar phases! They’ve come and gone!

Every time a new manager was appointed, it gave a feeling that this was the one. For one reason or the other, Chelsea have been unable to retain any of them. Mourinho is back at the club for a second spell, and hopes are rekindled once again!

This time, though, Mourinho is determined to stay at Chelsea for longer. He even has in fact hinted that Roman craves stability.

“They need some stability and in this moment the club are ready for that and I am ready for that.

“When you work with big empathy, and at this club we have big empathy in between the different sectors of the club, I think the trophies will arrive naturally, without obsession, based on stability, so I’m happy with that.

“I will try to make the club happy with me until the end of my contract, which is a long contract, and I hope at the end we both want to stay together,” said Mourinho to Chelsea’s official site.

The club (at the moment) means Roman. As Mourinho indirectly hinting at Abramovich wanting stability at Stamford Bridge?

Roman Abramovich has had some unfair stick that he is too trigger happy, yet there is a reason for sacking most managers. Yes, some sackings like that of Carlo Ancelotti and Roberto di Matteo seem unfair, but in most cases, it has been the right decision.

It is tough to understand a man who does not give any interviews, and it is probably the case with Abramovich. He has been perceived as someone who gives the ‘Thumbs up’ and ‘Thumbs down’ signs after a gladiator fight. These statements from Mourinho, though, hint at a different kind of Russian oligarch.


  1. Real men don’t talk. Just like ROMAN .

  2. I want mourinhn to always use lukaku in every match because he plays better than other strikers