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Mourinho turns attention to Torres as Rooney transfer drags

Chelsea made an official offer for Wayne Rooney only about a month ago. Back then, it looked like it would be only a matter of time before the striker wore the blue of Chelsea. United rejected the initial bid of around £20 million. It has been rumoured that Chelsea would be upping the offer to around £30 million, but it has so far not arrived. According to research conducted by Ladbrokes, around 68% of people are favourable towards his move to Chelsea.

Mourinho recently stated that the club could easily spend around £30 million without having to worry about UEFA financial fair play regulations. Even though there is still a month to go before the transfer window shuts closes, there has been no development on the Rooney front.

“The club are working hard to keep the numbers in balance but we can still invest in a player who costs £20m, £25m, £30m and not break the balance. We don’t need to sell to do that.” – Mourinho

According to Metro, Chelsea are preparing a £40 million bid for the player. Apparently, Rooney will decide on his future after playing in a couple of friendly matches – to see the fans reaction – for United.

Due to the uncertainty, José Mourinho looks like he has turned his attention to getting the best out of what he has – Fernando Torres.

Mourinho said, “We know Torres’s game. When we see Torres with his back to goal surrounded by two or three opponents, we know that he is not going to produce a piece of magic. But this is Torres.

“We won’t re-model his game, it is impossible to re-model his game. But we want to adapt the team and teach the team how to use his best qualities.

“He is not a kid any more, he is at an age where it is difficult to change his play.

“So let’s see what happens. We are here to support him.”

Liverpool got the best out of him by playing to his strengths. Even though he had a decent campaign last season, it did not utilise his strengths to the max.

On the contrary, there have been some situations where the Torres of old would have buried the opportunity. For some reason, his finishing appears to have dropped from those exemplary standards.

Can he become great once again? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. Zubairu Abdullahi

    mourinho should do all his possible best to bring Rooney to chelsea

  2. I don’t trust this boy

  3. Yes,tores can change.only if he can work on his finishing

  4. Let jose morinho let anther best of farnado torres may be tins can work out

  5. I like dat

  6. Odunayo famoroti

    Yes,his best wil surely come,if our midfielder’s can play to his pace

  7. Let 4get about Roney & look 4 Drogba 2 build Lukaku, with Lukaku, Torre and Bar things is ok.

  8. Best in d best

  9. ebuka patrick onwuta

    morinho should stop wastin his tym on torres,pls sir use lukaku.

  10. All we need get d best 4us

  11. Torres can be back 2 his best if “MAZACAR” can play not 2 close 2 him. Leave El Nino wit sum space up front, feed him dos 30yard passes, let him run wit the defenders n it’s a sure bet we might see the Torres of old.

  12. Bringing in Roney is still best option but Torres issues should not be considered now instead Lukaku & Ba.

  13. Torres is not a gud dribbler, dat’s d reason he prefers passing d ball 2 his team-mate wen he’s in d penalty-box instead of burying it n I think he seems 2 run outta ideas wen an area of play is 2 compact.

  14. Since a great technical adviser like mourinho has acertained his weaknes d best 4 him 2 do nw is 2 work/play according 2 instruction

  15. I lov that, mou is a great trainer so i think he knows how to get d best out of his players

  16. Chelsea should do all they can to bring Rooney to stanford bridge.I trust Mouriho he never give up.

  17. I am sure he has an option to sell em but hes taking the Torres case as a challenge since so many great coached undone and dusted their job to repair torres! Let see what Mou can do over here, his charming attitude may create the magic in Torres ..

  18. Tories is my man.i ve been his fance since wen he was in liverpool wen he was a real distroyer than.i stil wan to believe he can stil do wat he no hw to do best, gone at those days.pls let give him a chance again.

  19. Dickson A. Frederick

    Torres need encouragement and motivation.

  20. Weda roony or no rooney,we stil need fenando torres.

  21. Weda rooney or not,we stil need fenando torres.