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Mourinho’s actions and comments signal Fernando Torres’ exit

Fernando Torres chelsea vs Manchester United 2013

Fernando Torres appears to be on borrowed time at Chelsea after the latest comments and actions of manager Jose Mourinho. The Spaniard, who was brought to Stamford Bridge for a club record £50 million, has never really reproduced his Liverpool days. Last season, though, there appeared to be signs that he was coming back to his former glory days. At 29 years of age, it seems too early to write him off, but Mourinho appears to have done just that.

After returning to Chelsea, Mourinho said that Torres’ performances were average. Yet, there was belief that he would give Torres a chance in the coming season especially with Torres being a pet signing of Roman Abramovich.

“Torres so far is so-so. Somebody could expect more because of his potential, because of what he did before. But not so bad as people sometimes try to say.” – Mourinho in June 2013.

It indeed appeared the case the first match of the season against Hull City. Yet, he was not even on the bench against Aston Villa and he was dropped in favour of winger Andre Schurrle against Manchester United. Mourinho has even gone on to say that Torres was not worth £50 million.

“[He] is not really £50million, maybe [he] is 20 and a half.” – Mourinho

Chelsea already have three strikers in the squad, but Mourinho elected to use none them against Manchester United. It seems like more of a message to the owner than tactics. Mourinho is indirectly stating that none of his strikers are not good enough and that he would like to have Rooney.

“He scored the goal that won the Europa League. That means some millions. He scored the goal against Everton that put Chelsea in the Champions League. That also means some millions,” continued Mourinho.

Sky Sports pundit and former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher, who played alongside Torres, also has a thing or two to say about the Torres’ future at Chelsea:

“We all know he wants Rooney, that’s obvious. He’s basically saying that his strikers aren’t good enough; that’s what he’s telling the world out there.

“You could say it’s probably the end at Chelsea [for Torres]. I didn’t think he was going to have too great a time under Mourinho.

It now appears that Rooney may not be moving to Chelsea after all. This could leave Chelsea looking at short-term options like Samuel Eto’o.


  1. Jose go 4 matinzan at porto ok

  2. If rooney is nt coming,go 4 other able strikers that can produce.

  3. Mourinho on Torres ‘If you like the numbers, and you like the 50 million pounds, then you have to go there. He scored the goal that on the UEFA Cup so that means some millions, he scored the goal against Everton that put Chelsea in the Champions League so that means some millions, so if it’s not already 50, maybe it’s 20 now. He is doing his job and today he did again. He worked hard for the team, it was not a game where we were producing a lot for him to have many scoring situations. He did his job and I am happy with Fernando, no problem.’

    • What did Torress do last night? Did u notice Mikel’s impact as soon as he came into d field of play atleast for how many minutes? Dats what a player is known for? Abeg he (Torress) should go back to Liverpool jari and ofcourse they may not accept him into their team anyway. Maybe he should be loaned to Derby County, lol.

  4. I think the writer of the post exaggerated morinho’s comment over torres… He didn’t put it as direct as you did saying ” he’s not not worth 50 mills, may be 20 and a half”.

  5. To me ‘TTIME’ is all I ask of Mourinho to give the strikers at chelsea. Currently Toress is still the best striker at chelsea. Also chelsea style of play ‘not feeding the strikers’ is to be questioned.

  6. Every body in chelsea want to score so tel me hw do u think torres can see goal to score when we are having selfish mildfielders dat like goals except mikel

  7. “Adetunji ” some one else also realized that we aint feeding to our strikers! This is why Chelsea is known as the strikers grieve. May be too many competition will imp them to start performing soon?

  8. Tores shuld b given some tym

  9. naseer shinkafi zamfara state

    Pls peeps understand that torres dont finish and then he has having selfish,jose use him to upper him to fc poto plus money to get martinez upblues

  10. For me what mourinho says is an insult to d stricker, let 4get about he worth 50m or not, he win champions league, europa league, am only talking about all chelsea midfied that very selfish, torres is a player that is not selfish, now let look at d mistake mourinho are doing “he want to sell mata, moses and mikel” a player like dis trio is not 4 sale, especially wen chelsea av a big match mikel is always shine, i dont Y he want 2 sell him, if he make d decision to sell d three player he will be blamed, Torres is a skilful

  11. Mourihno messed up with his team selection and formation. Benitez won manu convincingly. If mourihno continues this way, he is going to destroy Chelsea’s entertaining and attacking football. Chelsea for life.

  12. now i know u guys are all blind.how long shud we continue gvn toress time?he came to chelsea 2011 nd hasnt been able to score up to 40 goals.i wonder de kind of chance ur talking about.

  13. 4 me torries is not strong enough 4 chelsea pattam all we need is a sharp and strong strcker like eto’o rooney cavani dats all and 4 u jose neva sell mikel matta bcs d are very important 4 u pls

  14. Hello mr emmanuel, u dont abuse piple when they are given there own point of view. Do u know dat mourinho of today is different than d mou of before. Sentiment apart, can u tell me jst 1 reason why mou, want to sell mikel n mosses. Tell me, are u saying those guys he buy are better dan moses n mikel. Jst imagine our match with manunited, those guy can not penetrate into man u inbox. I tell u, if mourinho continue with dis his dramatic way of playing, he will not only destroy our teams. But he will also kill our entertaining partern dat we have. Up blue 4 ever, one love.

  15. mata nd mikel wit torrs could hve help us 2 win utd yerstday. Pls murioho,chelsa dont fear utd.it seen dat will fear dem yerstday.pls will dont need dat kind partern of game again it spour our game.i love all chelsa fans

  16. Pls mou!if it could possible swap torres for martinez,sell Ba and bring eto’o bcos rooney is going to stay remember 2010 when he was complain too,but pls leave mata.

  17. This man is killing chelsea, so call special one he left mata and mikel and his using lampard ..chelsea would have won that match instead of him playing for draw..roney out play ramires which he can’t do against mikel and lampard was zero and left mata on bench pls pass this on to him that he should go and think about attacking football chelsea has change and we fair no team okay…no more defensive game

  18. torres is going no where…he has crucial moments upfront…we will thrive

  19. Pls morinho start using mikel bcus he usually relice pases 2 the striker and then pls dont let mata leave chelsea he is a future player and one of best attarking midfielder in the world

  20. chelsea midfielders are not feeding d strikers so how can torres score goals?d midfielders are not creative.dey all want to score by themselves.Monrinho should b very care4l on how he is treatn Mata!he shld get it clear dat,MATA is d engine in chelsea.Morinhos time wil b numbered if he jok wit mata.Morinho wil leave chelsea and wil b der!!!

  21. Mourinho is this, mourinho is that. For God sake can we just open our eyes and see the truth? For me i think Jose would have better off only if he choose going to Man city ahead of chelsea, because the type of playing policy chelsea football club are trying to adopt is clearly different from mourinho policy of play. I feel so sad and angry when i was watching the match last night. I was wondering if appointing mourinho is the right call by clubs management? No doubt Jose is a good coach, but wit the type of player we had in d team, somebody in his/her right senses we know we made a mistake. For example Manchester united have been a team that always lost in the mildfield against big teams (manchester city, Liverpool, spurs, chelsea etc) due to lack of not having a good mildfielder in the team. And it’s the same united mildfield that got country of mildfield last night due to mourinho selection and defensive tactics. Everybody knew how dangerous our mildfielder throughout last season. I can remembered Vila boas’s comment vividly about our mildfield when we defeated his team spur in ( 4 goals to 2 ) in earlier last season. It’s ther same that was made spartak Moscow, steaur Bucharest and Basel coaches after defeating them in Europa league last season. Their comments about how mildfield was something to proud of. Can someone tells me why lukaku was on bench? After seeing his performances last with wesbrom albion especially in his last game against Manchester united in which wesbrom were losing 5 goals to 2 and lukaku came on 2 changed the game to 5;5? Its a pity that this team is on a wrong part

  22. Mou. You much be jokin hw could you play with out a striker if you come 4 IT your time may be up soon.. Up blues one love.

  23. Once again the media blows Mourinho’s comment out of proportion. What he meant is that Torres has already repaid 20-30 million Pounds. He never said Torres is not worth 50 million!

  24. 4 dz clamouring 4 torres, reasonable n wise.b4 we signed him .chelsea scored a staggering 103 goals in epl alone .al d midfielders were scoring. F.lampard 23 goals, f.malouda 15 goals .n.anelka 12 .JT 5 goals n dt didn’t stop D.drogba 4rm winin d golden boot with 29 goals .in his 2nd season wit torres ancelotti was sacked due 2 torres poor performance n lak of goals .Avb took over wit attacking style. Torres sacked him with his stupidity 2wds goal notably against utd on both encounters.his 3rd season with chelsea ,in d 1st 9 matches he played ,he missed 10 seaters(1 on 1) wit gkeeper .as xpectd RDM Was axed .so y wil d midfielders repose dia faith in such a striker ? With benitez nothing spectacular came 4rm him .so if u were mou wil u alow such a striker 2 sack u ?talk of mata n mikel,mou hv neva want 2 sel em . So dnt listen 2 rumours . I kn we shld hv won d game against utd very easy bt lets wait n judge mou after d supercup n subsequent match 2 come.

  25. Fernando torres lacks vision n technique 2 play as a striker .lukaku n Ba r beta . I’ll judge mou after d super cup match against bayern i stil mntn

  26. James njoroge from kenya

    We can sell Torres because we have Etoo’ and Lukaku.Torres is faster and not stronger coz we have seen him miss very many goals after falling down.today is the day we play aganist Bayern we don’t want Mou to make the mistake he did of playing without a striker,Ramires should play no.7.,mikel no.6 and Lukaku striker and not Torres.nice time to chelsea fans.