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Chelsea face Arsenal in the Capital One Cup 4th round draw

Capital One Cup

Chelsea will face Arsenal at the Emirates stadium in the fourth round of the League Cup after our London rivals overcame West Brom after a penalty shootout in the third round. This is definitely the standout fixture of the fourth round. Jose Mourinho would have wanted to avoid Arsenal along with Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham – the four strong teams other than Chelsea still left in the competition.

Despite this tough draw, Chelsea can still hope to qualify for the next round. Arsenal do not have the strongest squad amongst the top teams. They have a strong starting line-up, but that is about it. Arsene Wenger may choose to field his reserve team against us. Either way, Chelsea boast one of the strongest second teams in the country. As many of you may have noticed against Swindon, the so-called reserve team cost in excess of £180 million in transfer fees!

The matches will be played on October 29th or 30th.

Notable fixtures from the Capital One Cup fourth-round draw:

Arsenal v Chelsea

Tottenham Hotspur v Hull City

Newcastle United v Manchester City

Manchester United v Norwich City