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Don’t believe Mourinho when he says he doesn’t know his best XI

Jose Mourinho Chelsea Manchester United Premier league 2013

It would be daft to say that a manager who has won two Champions League titles and the league in four different countries doesn’t know his best XI. It is what several people have been suggesting in the last few weeks. Strangely enough, Mourinho has himself admitted that he does not know his best XI.

Speaking to Chelsea TV, he said,

Of course, I don’t know [my best XI].

But the players have to give me the answers. I cannot dig and dig and dig looking for the best team. The players must give me the answer.

Of course, I have some doubts in some positions and I think it’s normal.

This just feels like the start of a mind game from Mourinho so as to deflect the attention from the team. He is very good at this and it will probably get some people are talking about it just as I’m doing now. A closer look, though, reveals that Mourinho has indeed a good idea of the players in his starting line-up.

Branislav Ivanovic, Eden Hazard, Ramires, John Terry, Petr Cech, and Ashley Cole have started all the five league matches.

Oscar has been missing from the starting line-up only once in five matches, while Frank Lampard and Andre Schurrle have both played in all these matches either by starting or coming on as a substitute.

Hence, Mourinho has largely stuck with the same group of players for 9 out of the 11 positions. Do you still think that he does not know his best XI?


  1. He wants d players to prove that they good:) so that every one can improve. Is not a mind game.

  2. He wants d players to prove that they are good, so that every one can improve. Is not a mind game.

  3. He really wants all d players to perform well even juan mata. He do this just to improve their game

  4. Mata is our aa best player

  5. Mata is d best player in cfc,gve him time to play he will prove pls d only 1.

  6. Our midfield is nt flowin mata is the man dat wil make it hapen,unles he wnt to face anoda sack.

  7. Give mourinho time. Besides, mourinho gave mata a chance by starting him in the second game against aston villa and he failed to deliver. So he’s about to give him another chance. Lets hope he proves himslef this time

    • hmmmm if it takes mata for oscar to play then i rather sign and seal, oscar is better than mata

    • I dont knw why people like say something like dis out of mide!dont u knw mouriho?.if u want a player to prove him self for u, u will nt start him in like 5 good?he start using oscar in like 7match,he using mata out of postion against aston villa,he start him againt eveton,and capital one cup,,,,,mata,luiz,torres.in caling cup. U think of it.

  8. Abubakar, how can u judge a player of the past two seasons for cfc with jst one incomplete game, with all that crititism from the coach; its hard to focus at that moment, u need to understand football and it psychology before u comment, i don’t even think u are a chelsea fan.

  9. I ve observed closely and i think mourinho is rite. Mata only helps the team wen he has d ball he does no mark like oscar he really needs to prove himself

  10. Whether anyone knows futbol trends or not shld be intellegent to knw that mata is ahead of oscar once it comes to midfield. He has d focal eyes and great scoring ablilies dan oscar