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Jose Mourinho walks out of UEFA press conference – video

José Mourinho has incredibly walk out of a pre-match press conference following repeated questions about the absence of Kevin De Bruyne. The Belgian midfielder was left out of the Champions League squad that will play against Steaua Bucharest tomorrow.

Instead of focusing on De Bruyne, Mourinho asked the reporters to focus on the players who are in the squad. It was not actually an outburst from Mourinho, but a controlled outflow of emotions following repeated questions about players being omitted in the last few weeks. He has had to answer a lot about Juan Mata (he has been very honest in those interviews) in recent weeks.

You are for three weeks speaking about Mata, and now you are speaking about Kevin de Bruyne.

So you are not interested in the players that are playing? You are interested in the players that are not playing.

But you have this tendency to only ask about the guys that are not selected. See you tomorrow.

Once again, he does sound very honest about De Bruyne, who put on a really poor performance against third division Swindon Town. Just like Mata, there is no doubt that he will be back in the squad if he works hard. For now, attention will shift towards Mourinho and it will probably allow the team to perform without any pressure.

The king of box office – José Mourinho – is back.

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