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Petr Cech shows why he is the best goalkeeper in the world

Petr Cech Chelsea

Petr Cech was the man of the match against Bayern Munich on Friday night, as he made several outstanding saves to keep the Bavarians out until they finally equalised with the last kick of the match.

There has been a lot of talk about Thibaut Courtois being the future Chelsea goalkeeper, but it is difficult in the near future with Petr Cech in this kind of a form. Cech joined Chelsea in 2004 for £7 million and it seems like a bargain compared to the £30 million paid by Juventus for Gianluigi Buffon.

Cech has been one of the consistent and best goalkeepers in the world in the last decade. You also have to remember that he is at a disadvantage compared to other goalkeepers because of the protective headgear he is wearing.

Against Bayern Munich, he showed why he is still the best in the world. He came within 10 seconds of single-handedly helping Chelsea win the UEFA Super Cup. I recommend you to watch this video especially from 1:05.

After the match, Cech said:

“The only thing that was missing was five seconds, because Bayern scored with the last kick of the game and then they held their nerve for the penalty shoot-out.

“To concede in the last seconds is really hard to take but overall I think it was a great game from both teams.”

Kudos, Petr Cech – the best goalkeeper in the world. Period.


  1. Chelsea can still make it

  2. Losing against bayern does nt mean chelsea will loose forever!

  3. Kudos to the best goal keeper in the world(PETER CECH).

  4. Petr Cech is the best in d world, and again losing to bayern does not mean we will lose again. Kudos to all chelsea players up blues

  5. Chelsea loosed gallantly. It shows dat chelsea is a rocksolid team to look up to. Up blues

  6. God is a chelsea fan thats why . God choose blue colour for d sky. Blue 4 life.

  7. Kodus to peter cech he is the best goalkeeper in the world. Up chelsea

  8. To me peter cech desever best goalkeeper in d world (up cech & up chelsea) or wot do u tink my fellow fanz.

  9. Peter cech is d best goal keeper in the world and losing the match again bayern munich doesn’t mean chelsea will lose forever.

  10. I agree with all my fellow fans,cech has done so well and deserve,d best goalkeeper in d world,

  11. Best always d blues

  12. Cech is chelsea’s biggst overall goalkeeper, indeed d best in d world

  13. Know mater how go be chelsea is the best, luv u fans

  14. Chelsea still on top!!! Chelsea player did a great job

  15. indeed cech is the best keeper in the world kudos! up blue

  16. He can be the best GK in the world but chelsea is the worst in the world…… Play to entertain not to defend alone shame on chelsea

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  18. D best GK came from chelsea. Up Blues


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  21. A gree wit u guy cech is d best in d world nd mind u blue 4 EPL tittle up chel

  22. Up blues cech iz d best GK in d word , and oscar iz really encouraging

  23. Peter czech is d man any time any day,always ready for d big occation

  24. Babatunde olubodun

    In the land of england and the tymes of epl the destiny of a great club rest on a shoulder of a man his name mourinho….UP CHELSEA

  25. Up blues, peter cez is the best Goal keeper of word, don’t mind them God save Bayer munich

  26. Losing super cup dose not mean dat chelsea will not beat bayer Munich agin b/c our people said dat he dat fights and run away live 2 fight another day,peter Cech u are still d best? I love blues up chelsea?

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  28. chelsea u de best team in d whole wide world “peace.