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Champions League 2013-14 Group Stages Infographic

The Champions League 2013/14 season is just one group match old. There has been a lot of negative comments about the group stages in recent years, but even this stage of the competition is becoming more thrilling to say the least. Chelsea, of course, failed to qualify for the knockout stages last season. So, it is not a given that the club is always make it into the latter stages. Group stages are not meaningless anymore.

It is also becoming harder and harder every season to win the title, but the prize is also getting bigger. Chelsea won an astonishing £60 million in TV revenue and sponsorship deals after winning the Championship League. This infographic shows that clubs will be able to even cross the £100 million mark from this season onwards. The prize money is alone worth just over €10 million for the winning team. After this, one has to take into account several other aspects like TV money as well.

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