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Jose Mourinho: Roman Abramovich is a clever shark


As Sir Alex Ferguson goes about criticising all his former players and staff to sell his autobiography, José Mourinho could possibly sell more copies by just including his famous quotes. Over the years, the Portuguese has made some famous analogies and quotes – calling him the special one, comparison between Chelsea players and eggs, and the list goes on.

His latest analogy is about Roman Abramovich and a shark!

Abramovich started the trend of incredibly wealthy individuals pouring a lot of money into football clubs to make them world-beaters overnight. This has been a debatable topic with many suggesting that it is not healthy for football. Mourinho tends to disagree because he thinks such people are necessary for the sport because it needs investment. According to Sky Sports, he said,

“Football needs sharks [wealthy owners]. Football needs investment, they need people that love the game and wants to make from smaller clubs bigger clubs.

“I accept the way it is. I’m happy with the way it is.”

When specifically asked about Abramovich and Chelsea, he said,

“A clever one. The shark that knows when to attack and how to attack.”

As we approach the Chelsea vs Manchester City match, analysers will be saying that both clubs have spent roughly the same amount (£750 million) in the last decade. City, though, have spent a major portion of this amount in the last five years. Have they reached Chelsea’s level? The answer would be no.

Abramovich has been systematic, clever, and zestful with regard to Chelsea. Mourinho’s comments cannot be argued.


  1. i want 2 c confirm line by jose but make sure mike & ramires start on d pitch.

  2. Man city can never reach chelsea, There’s no doubt about it.