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Romelu Lukaku’s disrespectful comments come as a shock

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The ‘Romelu Lukaku’ situation has been stirring up for some controversy and it has finally arrived in the form of some interesting opinions of the 20-year-old. It is often on international breaks when players come out with interesting comments about their clubs. The comments are misinterpreted more often than not, but not in the case of Lukaku.

He has challenged Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho by saying that he would score more goals than all the current Chelsea strikers put together. This has to be the least controversial statement he has given in an interview to Belgian tabloid Nieuwsblad. Lukaku said,

“I couldn’t do much about it. The coach made his choice, and, as a player, you have to respect it. I went along with it, and it is now up to me to prove he was wrong.”

There is nothing wrong in trying to prove the coach that he was wrong. In fact, most coaches will welcome their players striving hard to prove that they were wrong to drop them from the starting line-up.

From here on, Lukaku gets a bit disrespectful of Chelsea. He continued,

“I can only underline my case by scoring more goals than all the strikers currently at Chelsea.

“I hope my goals will help Everton finish higher than Chelsea. I am at Everton for the season, and I want to do as well as I possibly can for them.”

Everton finishing higher than Chelsea? Loyalty is good, but this is taking it to another level. Lukaku should not forget that he will be at Everton till the end of the season. Of course, the move may become permanent, but now he is a Chelsea player. It is understandable that he is disappointed with a second consecutive loan spell, but these comments are unacceptable.

Former blue Franco di Santo showed a similar loyalty to Blackburn when he was on loan. Now at Werder Bremen, he never made it at Chelsea after those comments.

Lukaku is a far better player than di Santo, but he would be an even better striker if he used his qualities to better effect. For a big man, he does not hold the ball well and his touch is also susceptible at times. He still has a long way to go before he can come near the legend that is Drogba.


  1. Don’t worry LUKAKU cos the last loan was at West broom… & now Everton… & I promised you dat the Next loan now will be at QPR the bottomless clud in England… dat’s If you don’t keep you mouth shut. & I trust Mourinho for that… IDIOT you don’t know how to talk & respect you Elders… V. Very Useless, Nonesens & Brainless boy go Get a life!!!

  2. Lukaku Just yaping Rubbish Lukaku you are just so NAIVE & STUPID… Sensless boy… Just go on & let me see how many goals you are going to score this season & also see how you are going to be better than LIONEL MESSI & C RONALDO & then be the world best… STUPID boy who doesn’t know to talk…

  3. He’s playing for the Everton fans now, give him a break. He’s ambitious. He’ll come back and shine for us later. Nothing wrong or disrespectful imo

  4. Is lukaku beta dan chicharito both at manu n national team,scored grt goals yet 3rd in manu strikas peckin oda bt neva used any derogatory statement at his club?

  5. Lukaku are you better than those striker at chelsea now the have not yet missed any penalty you are still a kid keep quite

  6. Lukaku should just keep towards becoming a more fully baked player.since when did Everton finished above Chelsea that’s a stupid wish we ve had finished #9 who went on loan but never disrespected Chelsea hernan crespo,now this boy thinks he can be our #9 season out .Torres eto’o n Ba will come good coz of experience they possess

  7. lukaku is a future talent full of potentials. He has never been given a chance to prove himself at chelsea fc. He is right to make such coment bekos of the driving spirit in him to become sucessful. Mourinho is too demanding and hostile with his prayers. Leave lukaku alone to express his opinion on issues sarounding him.

  8. he has a long way 2 go..finding d net on several occassions doesnt make him better than any of our chelsea strikers thats y he was loaned 2 gain experience with more game tym…i can sense some pride in his speech..considering d fact dat e caused us a cup lose by missin a penalty agains munich in super cup i wud hv expected him 2 remain loyal and respectful 2 chelsea who brought him into limelight frm anderletch….

  9. I had said it severally, Lukaku is not worth of been a CFC player,he can shine at lower club not big club like chelsea,he says he want to emulate Drogba but didier has not started with disrespecful mannerism as he does.fool we are waiting to see how you can score and make Everton at top of chelsea.

  10. Mumu.just take look at your wowo face.u no even shame 4 said all dis rubish.lukaku no get sense at all.remain there we will see or everton can qualify for top four

  11. Let just see hw lukaku will score goal than torres this season

  12. The comments disrespecting Lukaku are embarrassing..he should have been our number 1 striker this season..no two ways about it.

  13. Lukaku is d worst player av Eva seen! U beta stop bracken cos u r stil a boi, nt yet a man!

  14. The boy is good,but he should also know how to give resppect to chelsea.

  15. stupid lukaku, u raise fingers at the hands that feed u eeh? becareful and stop bragging in ur comfort zone. that’s where u fit, playing for the small teams.

  16. ubong michael umoh

    who is lukaku 2 tok agains ”d hapi 1” who sabi sabi grayfish 4 banka sup. U beta tek ur tym or u won d train wit feedas?

  17. Pls pls pls leave the poor boy alone imaging how can u have a player like lukaku nd still send him on loan after scoring more than any player in chelsea asat last season even ba dat came in jan did not score up to 5 goals in total 4 chelsea u guys should just try nd understand dis guy the last game he played 4 chelsea he lost a penalty mou nevr gave him d chance to make things right b4 going out on loan 4 me it unfair to lukaku……..up bluessssssss

  18. Leave that fool lukaku alone he mettality still small for him age.

  19. Lukaku u are very stupid. with dis comment, we can sell you to a division 2 club.IDIOT, you have never been active for more than 30minutes on the pitch.U can’t deceive us. GO!!!!!!!!!


  21. Boi lukaku, apologize now 4 ur stupid statement and promise not 2 say such again.