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Romelu Lukaku’s disrespectful comments come as a shock

Bayern Munich 2-2 chelsea UEFA Super Cup 2013 lukaku

The ‘Romelu Lukaku’ situation has been stirring up for some controversy and it has finally arrived in the form of some interesting opinions of the 20-year-old. It is often on international breaks when players come out with interesting comments about their clubs. The comments are misinterpreted more often than not, but not in the case of Lukaku.

He has challenged Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho by saying that he would score more goals than all the current Chelsea strikers put together. This has to be the least controversial statement he has given in an interview to Belgian tabloid Nieuwsblad. Lukaku said,

“I couldn’t do much about it. The coach made his choice, and, as a player, you have to respect it. I went along with it, and it is now up to me to prove he was wrong.”

There is nothing wrong in trying to prove the coach that he was wrong. In fact, most coaches will welcome their players striving hard to prove that they were wrong to drop them from the starting line-up.

From here on, Lukaku gets a bit disrespectful of Chelsea. He continued,

“I can only underline my case by scoring more goals than all the strikers currently at Chelsea.

“I hope my goals will help Everton finish higher than Chelsea. I am at Everton for the season, and I want to do as well as I possibly can for them.”

Everton finishing higher than Chelsea? Loyalty is good, but this is taking it to another level. Lukaku should not forget that he will be at Everton till the end of the season. Of course, the move may become permanent, but now he is a Chelsea player. It is understandable that he is disappointed with a second consecutive loan spell, but these comments are unacceptable.

Former blue Franco di Santo showed a similar loyalty to Blackburn when he was on loan. Now at Werder Bremen, he never made it at Chelsea after those comments.

Lukaku is a far better player than di Santo, but he would be an even better striker if he used his qualities to better effect. For a big man, he does not hold the ball well and his touch is also susceptible at times. He still has a long way to go before he can come near the legend that is Drogba.


  1. Alan Ball: Once Everton has touched you nothing will be the same again.

    We arent like West Brom or a Chelsea from early 90’s. Proper football club and he will love it here.


  2. quite rightly Lukaku feels like his not wanted at Chelsea even though he has already proved himself a far better option than the current 3 bumblers Chelsea have upfront-so yes he should have maybe said nothing but he is 100% better than what we got at the moment so it was stupid to send him to Everton who by the way are serious challengers to a top 4 status.

  3. Well, Mourinho let him go and instead we have to watch yeaterday’s man Eto. I would rather see Lukakau learning on the job at Stamford Bridge so I have no issue with what he has said as he is entitnled to be loyal to a club and manager who have shown some belief in him. We shoudl have sent away Ba who I have no idea why we signed in the first place.

    • Ba was a short term investment-they tried to bump him off but he did not want to go-same with Torres-I agree all 3 strikers we have must understand that they are no there to play well they are there to scoe goals which seems very unlikely will happen-I say get rid of all 3 as soon as possible and bring back Lukaku and Bamford who is scoring every week for the Dons-does not matter what league they are in the opportunities are the same in every league.

    • And we sold Sturridge to get Ba. That’s even more ridiculous.

  4. I think it is laughable that Chelsea’s strike-force can’t manage a goal between when The Fridge is on fire.
    Chelsea will do well to get in the top 6 at this rate. I wonder how many Chelsea fans have got Lukaku in their fantasy team compared to Eto’o, Torres & Ba???

  5. Lukaku’s comments is simply a challenge for chelsea strickers. however chelsea is not a stricker based team anymore as goals now comes from all fronts compared to everton, so we don’t need too much pressure on our strickers. Lukaku is no way near torres or Eto… he is just beginning & hasn’t scored close to the number of goals scored by torres or eto, but fans are like hypocrits dat celebrates u only wen ur ontop of ur game but lets see wen Lukaku loose form. When players brag & become self centered knowing a team does not only consist of a stricker they fail. Lukaku scores an impossible 100 goals for everton while chelsea wins the league dats fact.

  6. I think lukaku is correct to me, Eto’o and torres will not help chelsea up to higher level & it was crazy to send him on loan, mourinho still has a problem of friend ship mostly in players, there is were you find lampard he can’t pass accurately just there in match gambling but he can’t be substituted though we have many players which needed to improve their talents

  7. lets not blame our three musketeers for lack of fire powers,it seems our strikeforce is doomed & even lukaku himself looks indifferent anytime @d bridge.The record is there since 2006 or so chelsea has not bn a fertile ground for strikers save Drogba.

  8. Hun,cant blame him he has right to his personal opinion,every single soul wanted to play for a big club like CHELSEA. Equaly there is a lesson to learn from his comment. the question is what is wrong whit Chelsea strikers? JOSE should look into the problem our strikers are facing. is chelsea mid fielders selfish?

  9. Lukaku miss everything, compare himself with Torres and Etoo was Overestimate, BA was not with class with Lukaku, did Lukaku knows why he was sent on loan? Simple he fail Chelsea when they need him, During the Match between Bayern Munich he fail to light up, Hold up to ball his touch is also susceptible, his movement was not help his team, looking his face look show his tired when he just coming to the party, i expecting him to be total charge, trouble the defenders of bayern, he cann not do. Lukaku can not play under big pressure, he just a Striker who will function with a small club? Not in a big occasion! Can u see the way he play the penalty kick, its True anybody can lose penalty kick not the way he kicks his own that day? Am his fan when he join Chelsea but later i realise he can just perform with a club of less pressure, he will not be able to cope with chelseafc because every team that want to play chelsea come with a lot of purpose to have a point or Win so that they will have a Name for himself, Lukaku always like to turn the ball to his left side to kick the ball, no defender teams in league will allow any chelsea striker to do that

    • So what your saying is Everton are a small club ha ha you have a lot of fans who seem to think that it smells if glory hunters to me did you know exsisted before roman bought your club IDIOT

      • Scouse TWAT doesn’t even speak ENGLISH! Everton are, and always will be a small club you PATHETIC MUG! Now get that into your THICK SKULL FOOL!! You bin-dippers are all the same, red or blue half of Mersey, you’re nothing but SCUM, now crawl back under your dustbin YOU DUNCE !! UTC!!

        • Said like a true soft southern prick who knows fuck all about anything other than Roman’s Roubles. You want to get out a bit more soft lad, I bet you have never ventured outside the M25 ? If you had you would know the 2008 City of Culture ( CULTURE . . . . Something you piss stained, gobby, scruffy flag waving historyless neanderthals would know fuck all about) times they are a changin my friend, jobs and money aplenty my silly little suverner. Both sides of this amazing city are awash with history, culture and class ! You keep on dreaming while your oil tycoon spends and we will carry on laughing all the way to your eventual implosion. What you wouldn’t give for just half of what us Scousers have and will always have. Now go and get yourself a jellied eel and a flag . . Knobhead

        • Ime another scouse twat but I support the Club were I live and ime not coming in with my hooligan act 30 years to late. You should remember being electrocuted around the time when star players such as Droy, Rougvie, Cannoville and various other shite was turning out for Chelsea in the second division for years, but then again Chelsea had decent fans then. As for English I couldn’t give a fuck about the England football team, fans are mostly gobshites and I will give my support to the cricket and rugby teams. I don’t dislike Chelsea just people who jump on bandwagons and have no idea that Chelsea were even a club before the Russian.

    • English, Please…

  10. go bring falcao or whoever! d antecedent is there, it’s likely d result is same. I think we need deliverance there thru prayers.

  11. Its very tru, currently lukaku plays better than any of the three chelsea stickers BUT everton finishing ahead of chelsea is not as simple as him playing better than those strikers…..yes am a lukaku fan but chelsea has been there a long time and many times ahead of everton without him, anyway, good luck for him and best of luck for cfc

  12. I can see why he was loand out whatching him as & Everton fan he runs out of steam after 50/60 mins lacks consintration these will improve with game time he wouldn’t get at Chelsea & EFC are a better club than WBA in terms of team that is, this too will only help his development.

    I’d love it if we did keep him can’t see it myself enjoy him while I can.

    • Very civilised and sensible comment, and fair play to you lad! You’re spot on with your comments about him, but like you said, that’ll improve with game time. I hope he continue to do well for you fella.

  13. Lukaku just shows he wants to do well whilst at Everton. Maybe this will be prove good to Chelsea too. If he can help Everton beat any member of the top 6, then it will also prove beneficial to Chelsea. I think it s fair to say that Everton has but little chance to finish above Chelsea in any case.

  14. Lukaku is nt 2happy wt d loan deal bt i want u lukaku 2remeber dat playin 4everton is different 4rm playing 4chelsea.we can see dat in fellani.as 4me,fernado is far far beta than u in all ramification.u av 2take it easy and 1day,u 2wil b great.u are stil 20.very young.u played few minutes against bayern bt u fumbled and make d whole team 2stumbled.chelsea is bigger than u 4nw!

  15. The first time i hard dat chelsea want to sign lukaku and dey describe him as second drogba i go straight to the net to see his photo, immediately i saw his face then i told myself how on earth dis guy is eighteen yrs old what a joke. but nw do you know what i am thinking about him, am thinking dat his age is less than dat because his thought, his behaviour is no near twenty yrs old guy if you know what i am talking about, ability is not every thing so let talk fact here not as fan or crack joke to other clubs thanks for now.

  16. I respect the fact that he wants to do well at Everton. But coming out in public to make such a derogatory statement is totally unacceptable. I shows he still has a lot to learn about how to address issues in the media. Maybe he should take a leaf from Juan Mata’s book. His attitude shows a lack of professionalism and if he fails to work on that he would only be the worse for it. If Chelsea didn’t care about his well-being, they would have kept him at the club to be the club’s 3rd choice striker. How was that supposed to benefit him/ His gaff against Bayern Munich (playing a penalty like a child in a big game) shows he still has a lot to learn. He did well against the Asian teams in pre-season but failed to score a single goal against top-flight clubs in Europe(AC Milan, Inter, Real Madrid and AS Roma). Moving to Everton is a good move for him as he gets the opportunity to play in a top half club as well as in the Europa League (same scenario with Courtois)

  17. Can someone explain to me why he is being disrespectful to Chelsea?

    Does he play for Chelsea? Are Chelsea paying his wages?

    When you get him back next season, and he comes up against Everton & WBA, do you want him to say that he likes those clubs so he’ll take it easy so not to offend some of their supporters? Surely you want him to think like he does because it shows that he is a winner.

    • Once again the media blows a statement out of proportion, “I can only underline my case by scoring more goals than all the strikers currently at Chelsea” I’m sure he doesn’t mean all the strikers combined. I mean, the fellow is not English so we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

  18. That boy Lukaku is cursed if he continue insulting his parent club he will remain a boy 4ever. Watch Fellani that moved from Everton to Manu is he performing like wen he was in everton. Which means he can only perform in small club. Infact he ll be injured 4months b/c of dat insult.

  19. The boy is digging his own grave, don’t mess with dat moriho he is silent killer, be warned.

  20. As an Everton fan who has been fairly impressed (must emphasise FAIRLY) with the lad I can totally understand why he’s been sent out on loan. He gives the ball away more than any other player at Everton (Osman isn’t far behind him) and looks like he might pass out after an hour so clearly has some work to do on this part of his game. However, Jose has also loaned out the most potent striker at your club. saying we don’t need him because we score goals from midfield is ridiculous. You still play a striker so why not a striker who can score and not just dive at every opportunity or scratch players faces when they don’t get thier own way? If he scores 15 goals for us and José is still there come summer 2014 I wouldn’t be surprised if the move wasn’t made permanent as he clearly didn’t fancy him and Lukaku will have fallen in love with Everton.

  21. What a ridiculous article! So what you’re saying is Everton should have a player who wants Chelsea to do better than them? On what planet do you live, how on earth would he get a game at Everton if he said something along the lines of..”efc are good but I hope Chelsea knock them out of both cups and then win the league”? Fact of the matter is as he is registered with the FA and FIFA as an Everton player this year does it not make sense he would want them to do better? Wouldn’t he want to do as well as possible to improve his own game and his own stature in the game? Romelu Lukaku cares about Romelu Lukaku and not a club that has loaned him out twice in two years, of course the aim would be to get in their fist XI but only because they are contenders, not because they are Chelsea. I guarantee you if another contender put a big bid in for him with promises of first team football he would be out the door.

    • What a ridiculous comment! No harm in Lukaku wanting his current team to do well. It would be good if he had stopped at that. Why bother with comments above Everton finishing higher than Chelsea?

      ‘Everton winning the league’? You’re having a laugh.

      • Where did he say Everton would win the league?

      • what wrong about him wishing everton finish above Chelsea, if chelsea fail to perform well we will surely finish below everton come end of season. Even a blind man will agree with me that Lukaku is far better than Toress, Eto and Ba at present. Jose need to give young plays chance to prove there worth.

        • Let’s get one thing straight Lukaku is Chelsea player, he has been loaned to gain more experience. Jose sees him a Drogba S he just wants him to be a bit more better in holding up the ball running of defenders ans most of all learn to play with his back to goal were he swivel turn the defender and score. Drogba did all those things and there is no doubt in my mind Romelo will be Chelsea’s number one striker next season. Also don’t forget the boy is a massive Chelsea fan he grew up admiring Drogba as he was his favourite player. If Chelsea fans have the tv channel they would have seen him when he made a trip to Chelsea I think it was tour of Stamford bridge and stood outside the pitch and said in French I want to play here it’s my dream to play inside this wonderful pitch. Like I said only the Chelsea fans would remember this video at it was on Chelsea TV. So this crap that Jose will sell him is a load of rubbish the player himself knows this as I am Jose has made aware of his future at the club.
          Cfc for life!!

      • Might be having a laugh but its happened more times at Goodison x2 or 3 than it has at Stamford Bridge, that as Benitez would say is a fact.

  22. neva spit on d plate u fed 4rm,so say’s Cr7, b4 u der was & afta u, der wil always b, so b carefull d statement u make. left 2 me, u r still a side kick compare 2 all d strikers @ chelsea, so let d fans fight 4 u,jst like dey did 4 mata..!

  23. lukaku is just a small club player…even if he is loaned out till next 2yrs…he cant perform at chelsea period…..jose has said it all…that playin for everton is one thing den playin for chelsea is anoda thing……everton is a small club compare to chelsea…. Up blues

    • “everton is a small club compare to chelsea”…You are obviously very young, very naive, or only started watching football recently. You need to understand that wealth does not equate to status, as in general life there are some things that cannot be bought. I would not without provacation insult another football club as every football fan is entitled to recognise their own club as being special, but when fans think that the thing that makes their club special is money, they just insult their own clubs tradition and culture, as well as other clubs with long proud histories. Try asking a (proper) fan from another team who they think is the ‘bigger’ club.

  24. Well said, lukaku’s spirit!

  25. So what you are saying is lets say for example Lukaku has a penalty on the last day of the season that puts Everton into a Champions League place and Chelsea into the Europa League he should think about missing it ?

    LOL !!!

    Grow up !!!

    We pay his wages he plays for us , he has a moral duty to try to get us above Chelsea !

  26. By and large, chelsea remain da best in my heart and i love el-nino 2 da vein lukaku has dsame problem wt me ,he has to improv his fluency d mistake can be traced to grammatical blunder up bluez . . . . . . . . . . . . Lol!

  27. Wen AVB came n used young players n it didn’ work out,many said he shud b fired.allow jose 2 use those who can help him keep his job @ d bridge.if lukaku is thinking of proving jose wrong,jose 2 wil b thinking of proving him wrong by finishing above everton.jose is d king of “mind game” n knows d job well,sori lukaku.

  28. Lukaku you are a very STUPID IDIOT INDEED.. Infact you are a very big FOOL.. In my own opinion am hereby saying that Lukaku is still a SMALL kid. you’ve never mature & ur is nothing but a FOOL. Lukaku or whatsoever you call yourself look let tell you. you will be adresd the way you dress. Even if you have to say that Everton will finish ahead of CHELSEA & You’re going to make sure you score more goals than all the strikers currently at CHELSEA. This is very ridiculous & fleming. You have to keep that into your fucking mind ok. Even if you score 100 goals at the same time & before i can believe that you are better than ETO’O & TORRES, Is not in this Earth planet ok. The season has just started. 4 u to score 4 goals now for Everton, Doesn’t in anyway make you better than ETO’O & TORRES ok. Mourinho is one of the best coach in the world & i believed ETO’O & TORRES are still one of the best strikers in the world.. So Lukaku or whatsover you don’t know how to talk & I’ve seen the reason He sent you out on loan…

  29. I don’t see anytin wrong wit d comment, wat he’s tryin to express is his anger wit chelsea and mou, rememba dey promised him he won’t b loaned out again, yet dey went ahead and signed eto and gave him to everton, I tink its time chelsea turn to dia youth and academy, or y is it there in d 1st place if dey won’t use any of d youth, I can’t wait 4 mcheran to don d 1st team, gr8 passin range