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Galatasaray: John Terry is not our transfer target

John Terry Galatasaray transfer rumours 2013

Galatasaray have now officially rejected a transfer rumour that looked absurd the first instance it came about. They have confirmed that they have no interest in signing John Terry, whose contract runs out in the summer.

The presence of former Chelsea star Didier Drogba has undoubtedly been a reason towards the British media encouraging the rumours. According to Turkish Football, Galatasaray’s Chief Executive Officer Lutfi Arıboğan has denied any truth in the rumours. He said:

“John Terry is a great player however, our transfer priority is not to sign a centre-back. Our main goal is to target younger players and reduce the average age of the team.

“Terry is definitely not in any of our plans, neither Roberto Mancini or the board have shown any interest and no enquiries have been made.

“I’m going to say it again and make it very clear, we are not interested in Terry.”

After looking like leaving for most of the season, Lampard signed a one-year extension to the contract in May. There is no reason why a similar thing cannot happen with Terry. After all, contract terms will not be a major factor at this stage in a player’s career.

It is just absurd to think that Terry will leave Chelsea just because he has only a few months left on his deal. He is looking like a rock at the back and Mourinho himself has said on several occasions that Terry is in incredible shape.

Lampard and Cole may leave, but it would be hard to see Terry leaving at this moment.


  1. i ll not accept cole nor lampard 2 leave.