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Revealed: Why Hazard missed the training session

Eden Hazard training session punishment Jose Mourinho

Eden Hazard missed the 3-0 win over Schalke due to discipline problems. It was reported that he missed a crucial training session on Monday. It is learnt that Hazard missed this training session because he lost his passport on his way from France. The 22-year-old was given permission to go to his former club Lille for a reunion with his former teammates. On the way back, he was held back since he had FORGOTTEN his passport.

It is also reported that Jose Mourinho was explained of the problem, but he still chose to omit the player from the squad. According to the Mirror, Gary Cahill has said that there is no longer an issue in this regard. He said,

“They had their chat one-to-one and the situation is dealt with.

“Eden Hazard is a terrific player and we obviously need him in the squad and available, so of course we look forward to having him back.

“I think the manager makes decisions and he does not have to explain every single one. But the camp is a happy one – especially when we are winning games.”

Chelsea face West Brom on Saturday looking to bounce back from the Newcastle defeat last weekend.

Mourinho did admit after the Schalke match that Hazard will return to the squad for this match.

The punishment, though, seems a little harsh given that missing or forgetting something is common during travel. Monday’s training session would have involved tactical analysis of the opposition for Wednesday’s match. Mourinho would have felt that it would be better to leave out a player who missed this session and it may not have been a punishment as such.

One should not be surprised if Hazard starts against West Brom. The 22-year-old has five goals in 15 matches for Chelsea this season.


  1. Mou made deciesion to omit hazard but is too wrong becouse we won match

  2. Why is david luis not sure of first xi pls

  3. 2 harsh what, does he need his passport to travel within the European union, you kids on this forums are just killing me with your talk, go late for your interview and tell them you where late for this same reasons.

  4. because he is indisciplined

  5. Thank God it’s over now. But it should be noted that Hazards absence, wasn’t intentional. All the same, good work Josè.

  6. you are claiming that it was discipline but let us bear in mind that this is not the old mourinho we have, i personally i am scared that in future our young players and the best in the world will not be with us coz they will be looking for somewhere to enjoy their football starting with mata,azipilicueta,luiz,de bruyne,bertrand and others who are on loan wont come back.pliz mourinho style up

  7. Hazard did a very big mistake

  8. i want mouriho to start mikel against westbromich albion