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Mourinho Explains the Reasons behind Juan Mata’s Sale

Juan Mata Manchester United Chelsea 2014

Jose Mourinho has explained the reasons behind selling Juan Mata to Manchester United – one of the direct rivals. The Spaniard is today expected to complete his move to Old Trafford for £37 million. He is undergoing a medical before signing what could be a four-and-a-half year deal.

Mata has played a little football this season and it is understood that he was unhappy at Chelsea. Speaking ahead of the FA Cup clash with Stoke City on Sunday, Mourinho said:

“In spite of not playing for us, especially in the last period, he could be a very important player for us but Juan had this fantastic opportunity, another big club wants him, in a country where he loves to be and loves to play.

“It is an offer that is the right offer for us, so in spite of probably many clubs, many boards and many managers who think you shouldn’t sell a top player to a rival club, especially not in the same country you play, we feel and we think differently.

“It’s a good offer. I don’t want to say one more million, one less million, it’s a good offer, respectful to us, respectful to the value of the player that allows us to try to bring in another player, because we need another player.

“I asked him ‘are you really happy to go,’ and he was saying ‘yes, I am really happy to go,’ so after that we have mixed emotions.

“We decided not to stop him, it’s good for Juan, good for the Premier League and the offer, with financial terms for us, is the right offer. Compared to what the club played two years ago it is fantastic.”

Mata has been at Chelsea for the last three seasons. During this period, he made 135 appearances in all competitions. A record of 33 goals and 58 assists from these matches made him one of the top players at the club.

He also leaves after having lifted the FA Cup (2011–12), UEFA Champions League (2011–12), and UEFA Europa League (2012–13). Other individual accolades include being named in the PFA Team of the Year for the 2012–13 season, while he lifted the club’s own Player of the Year award twice.


  1. Let chelsea terminate the deal

  2. If mata has dicided to go good & fine, best of luck to him (mata)

  3. It is best known to chelsea & mourinho why they have dicided to accept the offer from man U

  4. I bleave before chelsea board members & mourinho dicided to listing to offer from man utd for mata they might have discuse it with mata & his representative, so i see no reason why holding a player who has already made up his mind to leave the club, becouse it was mata who chooses man utd, becouse he love england as a country, after all his not the only player who has ever left a club to another club in the same league before

  5. I’d never respected Mou until now. I think, very few couches can do that. He’s compenset United on Mical issue. Go in peace Mou, U’re forgiven.

  6. Mata to man utd issue remind me of babetov to man utd from tottenham yet with babetov in man utd yet tottenham still show man utd thier strenght in the field of play even if tottenham are not tittle rival in league, so with mata in man utd if they want to lose they will lose woefully in the field be it what & chelsea can still beat them black & blue with mata on thier side!

  7. Mourinho is the only manager that can stop a player that have play under him in a club, if mourinho want to stop mata from making any impact in the field of play against chelsea if is opurtune play he knows the right player to use in doing the job for him, for the fact that mourinho & mata have not yet be together for long before his exit, but the litle time he has being with mata he has known the kind of player he is, so please mata issue should be forgoten let chelsea move ahead as club & team, i wish you the best mata i as a chelsea fan i love you

  8. Adekunbi sodeeq adetayo

    I believe in mourinho in any part he takes in,and there is noting bad 4 him selling mata,and it is a done deal let the bluez move forward without mata.

  9. christian chibuike

    Not bad selling juan to old trafford but my reservation is on the issue of rooney.utd dosent want to sell to a rival club but will happily bid and sign from the same rival club.for me,thats a very stupid and domineering policy.you just have to make your players happy.thats what jose just did,moyes should learn from it

  10. “I asked him ‘are you really happy to go,’ and he was saying ‘yes, I am really happy to go,’ – that’s so cheap, he forced Mata out of the club and now trying to find an alibi ‘i say that he said that’.. and Mata can not even deny. Mourihno – small and disgusting human being.

    • Tamunotonye wokoma

      Why do u guys like dis ideas brought by mourihno, in d case of drogba, nobody stoppd him frm first team, and he decide to go, bt mata’s case mourihno forced him out, despite bn d best player even when drogba was stil there, i hate mourihno just d way he hated mata, go well bro, do ur best to shamed mourihno to feel the regret of selling u, i would hav prefer he loan him out. I just pray u don’t sell eden hazard. Lik d way u’ave just did wit mata.

  11. We will miss u mata…. We Chelsea fans will miss u…… Don’t worry be happy! ONE MATA…..sob……

  12. Dis wil be very painful 4 me if chelsea did not sign rooney in exchange for mata deal

  13. Infact mourhno d,not think deeply b4 selling mata, okay he forg that he bid for rooney what was d outcome?that is unwise discission

  14. Mata exit from chelsea is not a good one

  15. samuel ugwu from aku didigwu diewa

    I will still say that Mata is a big player for chelsea and his exit may not be very much good

  16. samuel ugwu from aku didigwu diewa

    But if chelsea boss have to sell Mata i have know option but i will say that it is not wise to sell the Spanish playmaker so soon

  17. Wat evry body have 2 knw is dat wat ever happen in life is 4 a reason, just bicos of d issue they have when mourinoh was in madrid,thats y he hated a nice player like dis, thank God ur in a nice club, he wil cry 4 wat he did, and d issue of rooney cming to chelsea i dnt bilive it wil happen, i wish u d best my real guy @ juan mata,

  18. Emmanuelee Expert

    Nonsense talks. someone should tell me the reason Mata shouldnt say he want to leave when mourinho is jeopardising his career on bench. a whole MATA! chelsea’s best player for two years in a row. I knw mata is not in gud state of mind for leaving chelsea, Mou made him leave.. love u Mata nd wishin u the best.

  19. godfrey ohiorenuam

    chelsea fans should accept mata departure as a good things to come to chelsea football club

  20. i wish mata the best of luck he will be forever remembered for his good performances for the last 2 seasons

  21. Mou,is fully aware of what he is doing by selling mata.what we should worry about on this mata issue is next season bcos we are not going to play against man u again dis season. So chelsea gave out mata to undo man city,arsenal and liverpool.

  22. As for me, Jose has something hidden for puttin Juan on bench then sold him. Mata is a fantastic player who still played well despite being put on bench for long. Jose should pray that Juan does’nt hurt him latter. Abramovic is watching, Morinho may be the next to exit. We love you Juan!

  23. Believe it or not,while mata was at chelsea he’ve been the best player at the club,it doesn’t matter chelsea will still beat man.utd front and back…but i would love to see mata score against chelsea in order to prove himself right..love u dude@juan mata.

  24. I surport Juan Mata to leave Chelsea. It’s the best option for him to leave Chelsea, coz Mourinho does not believe in him, and he want to help him to go to world cup, that is why he sell him. Apart from Man utd is Chelsea rival, that deosns’t mean anything. That can start a good relationship with Man Utd and Chelsea of selling player to each other.

  25. I respect your decision Juan. Wishes u best of luck at ur new club and ahead the World Cup in Brazil. I will always miss u Juan.

  26. mata is a gud player bt dat dosnt mean we cant sell him 4 de rit price,4 me is a gud deal,RVP was been sold 2 man u 4 as cheep an he wen ahead 2 win de legue an no 1 complain wy mata case shld be difren.can som 1 tel me if asenal ar nt in dsame ligue wt man u.i lv muo.u are a ril coch a kind hearted 1 May God Bles U 4 Maked Dat Guy Happy.