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Video: Mourinho talks about Rooney, De Bruyne, and Eden Hazard

Jose Mourinho talks about the bid for Wayne Rooney, Kevin De Bruyne moving closer to an exit from Chelsea, and Eden Hazard’s transfer value ahead of the match with Hull City in the Premier League.


  1. Cole is a star ,jose mourinho should give him a chance , to do better , about Rooney wil dnt want ,what occur to torris to repeat itself.the special one ,think well ,wil need better player than Rooney.

  2. I sugest that morinho balotele an rooney so that e’to can rest, he is old an cant scrore

  3. jose mourinho you are the best coach in the world but dont loose Eden Hazard, Rooney is a good player but we need someone better than him,

  4. mohammed abubakar vatsa

    Cole if mourinho give him chance he can do better nd for rooney reality we deserve a good strike that wil score goals for blues a competent skrike.

  5. Mourinho, you ar a good coach which we know. Rooney is a good player as well, but we need a classic player which is better than roneey. We have learn a lesson from torres so we dnt want dat 2 happen again. Jose think twice b4 goin 4 rooney. And issue of harzard, harzard is nt a player dt we dnt need 2 temper wit at all.

  6. Mata and dem ba cn go so dat we cn brin inn a better 1 dan dem.

  7. Jose shuld do away wit de likes of eto o,ba lam,torres by de end of the season nd bring in falcao,d costa,guarin,pogba,mangala,nd reus

  8. Jose gudos. Pls dnt let hazard live at an cost.we nd a goalscorer not a striker.

  9. we need an efficient striker more dan torres

  10. Fuck u all chelsea fans u tnk we could let rooney ever cm 2ur club never

  11. Morinho pls we still want harzard to stay as for torres we dont want him again.

  12. jose don’t let Hazard go we need him more than ever

  13. Hazzar is d bast pleyar in chelsea plc mr coch dot let him go

  14. Pls d special 1 don’t let Hazard go now we still need him very well, Ba can go no wahala.

  15. Pls jose dnt just try 2 sell hazard ok. Chelsea only nd goal scorer hu can score fantastic goal nt a striker.

  16. gideon oluwatosin opayemi

    Up blue up hazard up morinho

  17. Hazard is nt a player dat “happi one” w like 2sell,bcuz he’s our Rolando.

  18. dont let any one of dem go bcus dey are all gud players

  19. Up Hapi one up hazard up blue…luv ya oll.

  20. Dnt let hazard go, cos he usually cause hazadios 2 opponent. Pls leave him 4 God sake

  21. Jose dont eve tink to sell hazzard hoo the olny 1 we have

  22. Jose dönt eve tink to sell hazzard the only 1 we have

  23. fuck u mou.up blues. up abrahamovic. 004 0l 00uk u

  24. wat ever u want 2 do do fuck u since u cameback no fancy football no clasic football now dre calin u fuck spe…or wat ever all no u r dises wat i expect .once again fuck u motherfucker.up blue up abrahmovic.but as 4 mou FUCK U. PUSSY. fbj sm edmm baa 0ba 2 f i

  25. Up bles mor dont sell hazd ok

  26. Pls pls pls dont try to sale hazard o abeg oga special one.

  27. Do u kown dat Haza is man God gave to chelsea free thats why some did,t kown valu of him

  28. Pls mr mori we chelsea fans seriously need a goal machin who will lead the blues to lift trophes