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Jose Mourinho: Hazard can break Frank Lampard’s record

Frank Lampard Eden Hazard 2014

When Frank Lampard became Chelsea’s all-time top goalscorer (209 goals) last season, few would have thought that this record would be broken again. Of course, there are and will be numerous players capable of matching Frank’s goal scoring abilities, but they simply would not stay at the club long enough to achieve this record. This is the time when money speaks more than loyalty.

Despite this, Jose Mourinho thinks that Eden Hazard can go on to break Lampard’s record. He said after the 3-0 win over Newcastle on Saturday:

Frank’s record is amazing and it’s over years and years and years. It’s a very difficult record. But Frank, when he allowed Eden to take the penalty against Newcastle, he opened the door for that to happen.

If the kid also has a chance to score on penalties, he can do it.

Hazard is awesome, but Lampard’s record belongs to another planet. Let us just go through the mind-boggling numbers.

Lampard’s key Chelsea stats (from Wikipedia):

  • Chelsea FC all-time top scorer: 209 goals
  • Number of matches: 637 (800+ in the whole career)
  • Club’s top scorer in the following seasons: 2004–05, 2005–06, 2007–08, 2011–12
  • 20+ goals for five consecutive seasons
  • 10+ goals for ten consecutive seasons

Hazard is on 27 Chelsea career goals. Well, that is 182 more to go!

Do you think he can achieve it?


  1. Records are ment to be broken.

  2. Yes hazard must break lampard record if he continue to score more goals@ mi.com up blue

  3. horlaiday toheeb giwalola

    Yes my guy my freind hazard must make it if continue to play like c ronaldo and lampard bcs lapmard is a chelsea lgd up hazard

  4. Hazard can win de ballon d’or if he breaks lampard record that is just about time, just give him time he can do it up up up HAZARD

  5. Yes he will

  6. Break Lampard’s record??? I don’t think so fellas. Even strikerz wud struggle 2 break such

  7. Yes! Yes! Yes!

  8. If lampard stays in chelsea for 10more years of course he can break the goal scoring record.

  9. Yes hazard can do so

  10. Eden Hazard can do it,he can break Lampard record ,even he can crown d ballon d’or If he try keep playing like this….up Chelsea,Up Mourinho,Up Hazard

  11. yes i think so

  12. Eden hazard can break frank’s record but is just a question of time

  13. CEO @ chelseafcgist.com

    He could do it,, I hope he stays with us til his football career ends.

  14. Hazard is better than lampard in many way of football.bt you need to put more effort on your carrer.

  15. I believe in eden hazard