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Mourinho Continues to Downplay Chelsea’s Title Hopes

Chelsea are top of the table with 13 matches to go, but Jose Mourinho still does not think we can win the title. One cannot help but think that Mourinho is playing mind games with the rest of the Premier League so as to avoid pressure on his team, who are looking increasingly devastating with every match.

Jose Mourinho downplay Chelsea title hopes

Apart from being stretched on a few occasions, Chelsea looked imperious against Newcastle United in all areas of the pitch. Meanwhile a 1-0 win should have really been three or four-nil against City. Speaking after the Newcastle match to Sky Sports, Mourinho said:

“I want to stop with that story of the horses, but I don’t change my idea.

“Manchester City is a Jaguar. You cannot put an L-plate behind a Jaguar. We are what we are and we know where we want to go and this season. We have only one objective, which is to finish top four.

“I say as I feel it. I don’t feel the change. We are playing well and have been for a long time. People individually are in a good moment and we are getting results. We are top of the league and that’s something we can’t hide.”

It is well and good to remain humble about the chances, but this seems to be taking it to a whole new level.

This approach from the Portuguese is also vastly different from the one he took in his first spell at the club. There was cockiness about Chelsea back then, but now, it is all about the subtle and understated progress.

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