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That Blue feeling: do all Chelsea fans really know our history?

Although the title race is close, we proudly find ourselves sat atop the Premier League table and have a realistic chance of winning our second Champions League trophy. The 2011 triumph has made us want more, while domestic success, which seemed like a long way off during the early 1990’s, is something we have become accustomed to.

Blues fans can be forgiven for not thinking about the past, but sometimes, it’s worth it just to remind us after a defeat that things could be much, much worse. Those fans who decide just to focus on recent history might find that, when taking the how well do you know your team quiz by Ladbrokes, they might not get too many questions right!

Less than special

The average score out of 10 posted by Chelsea fans in the quiz was 5/10, as was the case with the lion’s share of Premier League sides featured in the online test. However, the most common score posted by Blues supporters was just four out of 10. This shows that a number of fans need to brush up a little on our history!

Going a little deeper into the results so far, around 5% of fans who did the quiz managed to get every single question right, which is far less than fans of Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City managed. Fortunately, we’re not a complete set of footy dunces, as less than 1% of participants came away without having got a single correct answer.

The league is upside down!

Chelsea are presently fourth from bottom in the league, showing that actual league positions have no bearing whatsoever on knowledge. As proof of that, the current league leaders in the knowledge stakes are Crystal Palace, who are only just above the relegation zone for real. Cardiff City are in second, while the only ‘top’ team to score at least 6/10 on average is Everton.

Blues fans can feel a little better about the fact that, right now, fans of all our major rivals aren’t faring too well. Arsenal, the two Manchester sides, Liverpool and Fulham are all on five out of 10 as well. Meanwhile, Stoke City fans have been much worse than us, with a miserable average score of just 3/10!