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Eden Hazard: Jose Mourinho is the ‘Normal One’

Chelsea star Eden Hazard says that he enjoys a normal relationship with Jose Mourinho, and he labels the Portuguese as the ‘Normal One’. Mourinho is widely referred to as the ‘Special One’, while the season that have been several iterations like ‘Happy One’ and ‘Angry One’.

Eden Hazard Chelsea 2-0 Hull City 2014

Hazard has been ever present for Chelsea this season

Hazard has been one of Chelsea’s best players this season and he has featured in all the 28 league matches until now. Mourinho rarely gives this untouchable status to a player, but Hazard seems to be on his way to become one. Ahead of Belgium’s friendly with Ivory Coast, Hazard spoke about his relationship with Mourinho. He said:

“I find we have a normal relationship. If there are things to be said, he says them. If you are playing well, he says so. But if you are not, you also get to hear about it.

“I prefer it if people say things to my face. He might be called the ‘Special One’ but to me he is the ‘Normal One’.”

Hazard also stated that he is not in need of a break. The 23-year-old was at an untouchable best during the months of January, but his form has certainly dropped over the last few weeks. He has not scored since the hat-trick against Newcastle United at the start of February. Even then he continues to be an important member of the squad. According to Evening Standard, Hazard continued:

“I don’t need rest, as I’ve said before, I’m at my best if I can play a lot of matches. But I must be aware that I don’t let myself burn out.”

After the win over Fulham, Mourinho acknowledged that the former Lille winger needs a rest. Hazard has featured in almost 40 matches this campaign and has scored 14 goals so far. Mourinho said:

“He needs a rest. It’d be perfect if his national coach did not play him.

“He cannot have a rest in the club. In the national team he doesn’t have to play friendly matches.

“I prefer him on the pitch even if he’s tired because I know he can produce things.”

Hazard will be getting a much-needed breather, as he is not expected to play a major role in tonight’s friendly against Ivory Coast.