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Brendan Rodgers: Premier League Have Not Helped Chelsea

Brendan Rodgers says that he agrees with José Mourinho’s statements that the Premier League should help teams involved in the latter stages of the Champions League.

The blues will be taking on Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday, but a more crucial match comes up on Wednesday night. Chelsea will be taking on Atletico Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final. Due to the low recovery period, Mourinho is expected to name a weakened line-up against Liverpool.

The Portuguese boss said a few days ago that he wanted the Liverpool game to be moved to a Saturday so as to allow his players an extra day’s rest. The idea has been rejected by the Premier League.

Throughout this season, Mourinho has been critical of the way English teams have been put at a disadvantage when it comes to European matches.

Rodgers says that it is time the Premier League helped English teams. He said:

“I think the Premier League should have helped Chelsea. It’s not Liverpool’s fault, it’s the Premier League.

“They should have had the game on the Saturday. But that’s what’s happened and Chelsea have a squad to cope with it at this stage of the season.”

Youngsters John Swift and Andreas Christensen are both part of the squad for this match.


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    • I take it you’re a Chelsea supporter masquerading as a scouser. Not helpful mate. Either way you deserve locking up.

  2. Thanks rodgers

  3. Chelsea r underdogs in todays game, but liverpool shuldnt b so confident. Remember chelsea vs manchester city, anything can hapin.

  4. It’s gonna be entertaining encounter dat’s gonna full with big heaps bt i expect the better team to win but EPL ain’t helping european participants at all, they should look at other countries so they need to change.

  5. Thanks rodgers, finally someone agrees with us