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Jose Mourinho Responds to Criticism from Eden Hazard

José Mourinho has responded to Eden Hazard’s criticism by saying that the player should look at his own mistakes.

Hazard stated after the Champions League defeat against Atletico Madrid that Mourinho’s tactics are not helping Chelsea play football. He also said that the entire burden of creating chances is being placed upon him.

Mourinho has responded to such statements by saying that Chelsea were knocked out because of Hazard’s mistakes. He said:

“I listened to the interview. There was nothing critical in what he said. When the comments come from a player like Eden it’s normal because he’s not the kind of player to sacrifice himself for the team.

“Normally you get these kind of comments from players like him, from players that can’t resolve a problem like we had in the first goal.

“Eden is the kind of player that is not so mentally ready to look back to his left-back and to leave his life for him.

“If you see the first goal of Atletico you completely understand where the mistake was and why we conceded that goal.

“The perfect team at the top level cannot make these kinds of mistakes.

“I’m not happy. I speak all season and I try to improve him all season.”

Hazard was responsible for two of the three goals scored by Atletico, as he failed to track right-back JuanFran.

It is widely considered that Mourinho sold Juan Mata to Manchester United because he was unhappy with the Spaniard’s defensive contribution. Such comments about Hazard is unlikely to put him on the brink of a transfer, but it surely opens up cracks in their relationship.

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  1. Hopefully there are no repercussions from this. From going to praising the player all season, to criticizing him due to a few losses, isn’t good. I look to the game vs Norwich to see whether he starts or not.

  2. kizito Anyasinti.

    Mourinho is a talker any day.He has no football philosophy at all.These days he carries with him a bag of problems to any club that is unlucky to hire him.Two seasons without any trophy will make him a “specialist in failure”as well.

  3. Mourinho is specialist in problem. He made us lose mata now is hazard and david luiz…..

  4. People who has the guts to say such things about a coach like mourinho are not wise,its very clear Eden hazard looks for personal glory than the teams collective success,& mourinho’s right.

    • Hazard should not overate himself. It is unwise for him to speak about his team and coach in the manner he did. How did he win the PFA young player award if he did not play football??????

    • Pls keep your senseless comments to yourself. I sure you don’t know what you speak. Mourinho is one of the greatest Managers of all times. He knows best as to when and what playing tactics should be used. So it’s better for yourself and the whole of Mankind that you shut that filthy hole in your stupid face.

  5. I agree with u peterson it is clear that hazard don’t think about the team but only about him self

  6. it is unfortunate that those who criticize mou does it out of envy. we have coaches who have gone for many years with nothing yet they are not criticized. the man is a great man with great ideas. his record speaks for. even if u hate him mou is destined for another rounds of success with chelsea I advise u to look beyond his first season . if mou win a match he parked d bus if he lost a match he is a coach without ideas . move away from your criticisms and see positive ideas of this man . mou will win more laurels to already rich archive.

  7. i love eden so much but that comment crack my love for him.

  8. Remember one thing people… No player is greater than the club… One who respects the club and the people who make up the club, is known as a True_Blue by Heart!!!

  9. Some of you on here just post ridiculous comments. This is not a question of weather mourihno is good or not. Like someone said,how did he won PFA young player if he didn’t play football. It is an unwise comment coming from a player of is level…though nobody is perfect,but typically if he’s lambasted,its not too bad either by a coach who has praised u all d season long…

  10. I’m really pissed by hazard comments, this actually shows that he’s rude..mou I love you

  11. Jose mourinho is right to say Hazards mistakes cost us champions league final triumph.He is agood player who has had an outstanding performance but we need to criticise him where necessary and he has to be responsible where need be we chelsea as aclub and fans like him and if u talk about his exit we feel bad but at chelsea every player need to give every thing for the club and take responsibility where necessary look at madrids first and last goal they were all Hazards offensive mistakes and i think instead of slamming mours style of play he would have apologised for his mistakes instead in his commentry indeed Eden has to style up but all in all its agone case lets look towards the future of the club and lets build up for next season.

  12. I dont know why people can’t accept the truth,Eden Hazard,Arjen Robben,and manuel Pelligrini are right. Mou philosophy is a disgrace to football, chelsea should go for pep Guardiola. Chelsea for real!

    • Godwin
      Tell a player that has openly condemned his coach tactics in public and succeed ?
      Messi and CR7 has never done that either.
      If EH disappointed lossing an important match better way to do that but certainly not on pages of news paper. I never do that in the university either . EH should grow up pure and simple. So please stop supporting evil.

  13. So u have a coach who has been a failure for nine years. Short your trap, your inability to win a silverware for that long does not mean u should look somebody to pear with your failure coach who behave as if club finance belong to him.