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Cesc Fabregas is the Perfect Replacement for Lampard

Cesc Fabregas could soon be playing his football for Chelsea. Frank Lampard has confirmed that he will be leaving the club after 13 glorious years, and Jose Mourinho is keen to replace him with the former Arsenal man.

It appears that Atletico Madrid midfielder, Koke, who has also been on Jose’s radar, could well be on his way to Barcelona, after the Catalan club stepped up their interest. As such, this could pave the way for Fabregas to leave the Spanish giants. Ironically enough, Fabregas – a member of Barcelona’s La Masia youth academy from the age of ten until sixteen, before moving to Arsenal – has never really seemed to have settled in Barcelona as he did in London.

Reports are that Fabregas is keen to return to England, with Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal all interested. It is no wonder considering the ability of the flamboyant 27 year-old.

At Arsenal, Fabregas was the heartbeat of the team. Showing a sense of maturity far beyond his age, Fabregas developed into an outstanding footballer. He conducted and dictated games with his wide range of passing and intelligence both on and off the ball. His creativity was second to none, and his defence-splitting passes opened up even the most stubborn of backlines.

By the time he became captain of Arsenal in 2008, at just 21 years of age, Fabregas was amongst the very best midfielders in the world. He often carried the team on his young shoulders and in his absence Arsenal were simply not the same team.

For Barcelona, despite never really setting the world alight in a squad brimming with exceptional talent, Fabregas has still consistently played at a high level.

Chelsea need to replace Lampard with a top quality, proven midfielder, with at least a few years ahead of them. I cannot think of a more suitable replacement than Cesc Fabregas. Having already played for many seasons in the Premier League there should be no real struggle to adapt to the league or English culture.

Whilst he will probably not score as many goals as Lampard, he is a player with more creativity and flair than Lampard had. Playing in a midfield with the likes of Eden Hazard and Oscar could be very tasty indeed. Chelsea should do all they can to get his signature ahead of their Premier League rivals.

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  1. The hypocrisy of Chelsea is astounding. You sell a slow midfield dynamo loaded with goals and assists to a direct rival and then six months later buy a slow midfield dynamo loaded with goals and assists.

    More and more Mourinho is showing why he is past it. I will be very surprised if Fabregas signs for a manager that has a very clear problem with Spanish players. His treatment of certain players at Madrid and Mata was disgusting.

    • What are you on about? Mata was a no.10 and fabregas is a cm. two different positions. Fabregas might be slow but his work rate is higher that mata and he is willing to defend and do the dirty work unlike mata who didn’t want to change his game to suit the team

      • You idiot. The number 10 role is exactly where he was played at Barca, ahead of Xavi and Iniesta. Try watching proper football instead of that bore fest served up at Stamford Bridge each week

        • That cos they had xavi and busquets. Chelsea already have a no.10 in Oscar. Mourinho wants to partner him with matic in the pivot not replace Oscar. Idiot

          • Except that’s not what you said in your first reply is it. Try and stick with a story or at least delete the earlier ones so you don’t look like an idiot.

            Chelsea supporters know very little about football as once again proven.

  2. i’d bet the proverbial a billion dollars that fabregas will never go to chelsea. He despises JOSE, and besides fabregas plays the OSCAR ROLE.

    • U guys throwing insults.. N actin as if ur d manager or d player.. Just assumptions.. Lemme ask dis, dos of u wu claim here u knw better, tell me y is dat…… I just hope cesc signs 4 chelsea n does well.. First of all cus he is an all round midfielder (I aint sure abt d flanks do, LM RM) he played DM/CM 4 arsenal, den later AM.. N SS (false 9) 4 spain @times… I just hope he does well.. I love mata’s style but do knw dat fabregas defends better dan mata… N dis nt d first time dat shit happens in football media btw coach n player besides, dey re professionals.. Jose did mata a favour by selling him, which wud u prefer him sittin on d bench 4 long.. If u become a coach ur free 2 waste players u won’t use, besides dis is real life n aint some video game, critical choices hav 2 be made 4 a greata good n nt some simple ideal of urs

  3. Cesc is very similar to Mata. Plus, Cess likes to play football. He won’t do that much with Jose. I think if you had a different manager maybe.

    But would be surprised to see Cesc play for the ultra negative and disrespectful man that is Jose.

    Don’t you find it funny he has been sacked so many times and made to leave so many places for such a successful manager?

    There is more to football than trophies. Chelsea of all clubs should know that. They only won 11 before romans money.

    This line out of that club about ‘being winners’ is an excuse for lacking class and style.

    If FFP stays Chelsea will stop winning trophies. Once they sell their players of value they will either need to invest heavily or be patient and build a team.

    Can’t see either happening.

    • Mourinho has no choice but to spend in excess of 100 million this summer. Last season he spent about 110 million and won nothing. He’ll have to do the same again if he wants top 4