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Frank Lampard: I will come back to Chelsea

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard has claimed that he will certainly return to Chelsea in some role in the future and he also revealed his desire to manage the blues.

Lampard left Chelsea after 13 immense years at the club during which time he has given us a lot of joy. He remains as one of the best players to have represented the club. Jose Mourinho recently revealed that Roman Abramovich is ready to offer Lampard any role should he decide to return after his retirement.

Speaking about such a possibility for the first time, Lampard said to FIFA: “I don’t know what I will do after football but if there was any club I would want to manage then everyone knows who it would be.”

“In any capacity I would love to be involved at Chelsea – whether it be as manager, or just going back watching from the stands. It has been my life for the past 13 years and it will continue to be no matter what happens in the future.”

Mourinho hinted at Lampard becoming an assistant manager under him. Lampard, who recently turned 36, says that he has a great relationship with Mourinho. “I have a good relationship with him, I always will. It is nice to hear Jose say that,” continued the Chelsea great.

Lampard has been linked with a move to upcoming MLS outfit New York City. However, there is even a possibility that he could retire. “I don’t know whether I will (retire) or not,” continued Lampard. “I am going to get home and make a decision at that point because I have my own (club) future to sort out as well.”

There have been very few professionals who have been at the level of Lampard. His dedication, commitment, and most of all, quality have put him at the top of Chelsea fans’ hearts. A legend like him deserves to come back because he never deserved to leave in the first place.