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Has Romelu Lukaku Gone Backwards at the World Cup 2014?

Thus far, Romelu Lukaku’s world cup has been anything but the one many would have expected. The powerful, dominant displays he showed for Everton have been strangely lacking in Brazil, and he has looked a frustrated figure in the red of Belgium.

In Belgium’s first group game against Algeria, Lukaku did not even register a single touch in the opposition half. This is a worrying statistic for Chelsea fans.

Belgium were many people’s tip to be the surprise package of the World Cup, but their performances so far have not been befitting of such promise. Lukaku’s poor performances have in large part been down to Belgium’s inability to support him in attack. He has looked isolated and a lone figure, often chasing lost causes and rarely receiving the ball to feet. It is hard to remember many chances which have fallen to him.

Lukaku’s replacement in both games, Divock Origi, has been the better of the two strikers in both games. However, Origi performances have been aided by Lukaku. Lukaku’s running and chasing sapped the energy out of the opposition defence in both games, and the pacy Origi has capitalised on this.

Furthermore, in the latter moments of both games, Algeria and Russia have pushed forward in the search of goals. This has opened up the space which Origi has been able to exploit. Maybe Lukaku would have performed at a similar level to Origi, had he and not Origi been the substitute.

Many Blues fans will be questioning whether Lukaku is a top class striker, and whether he warrants a first-team place at Chelsea. His performances so far in Brazil do raise questions. The World Cup is football at the highest level, and currently he is not delivering, in spite of the failings of the Belgian side as a whole.

Nevertheless, it is evident that Lukaku is a quality striker, as has been demonstrated by his performances at Everton.

We have not reached the knockout stages yet, and perhaps it will be then that Lukaku begins to shine. If Belgium improve, so should Lukaku. Also, we should not forget Lukaku is only 21. Hopefully in the years to come, Chelsea will reap the benefits of the big Belgian’s full potential.

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  1. I do think that Lukaku is a good player. He is young still and has plenty of years to adapt. If he can score 19 goals for WBA and 16 goals for Everton in two season in the premier league then he is bound to do well at Chelsea. No offence to the other teams but he will get better delivery at Chelsea. We have playmakers, someone who can pick out a pass and with Fabregas as well! WOW!

    He hasn’t had the delivery in the Belgium team, everybody is trying to go at it themselves and I reckon this is because they have so much expectation on their shoulders. Will be a Drogba for us in years to come. Keep hold of him! 🙂

  2. He’s having problems with the heat there like the rest of the European teams

  3. He hasnt gone backwards, in this Evertonians view, its just his limitations have been shown up under more intense scrutiny. As Roberto Martinez has said, very clearly, Lukaku is not the finished article yet. He’s not ready to lead a line, for a Champions League side, after a big money move. If such a move goes through the results could be disastrous for him…which would be a shame as he was universally accepted as a ‘nice lad’ at Goodison. Smart move would to loan him out to someone who’ll develop him further for another season if Mourinho isnt interested in giving him that attention at Stamford Bridge. We’d take him back I’m sure, but, I’d say he’s best finishing his development with you lot if you plan to use him long term.