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Opinion: Didier Drogba Not the Player to Take Chelsea Forward

Chelsea legend and free agent, Didier Drogba, is reportedly considering a one-year deal to return to Chelsea. The Ivorian’s 18 month contract with Galatasaray expired at the end of the season, and the Turkish giants decided not to renew it. There are also reports that Manchester City may well be in the hunt for his signature.

Just at the weekend Jose Mourinho stated that Chelsea would not be making anymore signings and yet, by Monday, Drogba’s representatives suggested that he could sign for the Blues by the end of the week. Maybe that is simply what the rumours are – big talk from Drogba’s people. However, Mourinho is not exactly one to stick to his word, and does seem to derive some pleasure from sending the media circus into a spin. Still, I find it hard to believe that Drogba will return to Chelsea.

I cannot fathom why Mourinho would want to sign Drogba. The 36 year-old does not have the legs to last a full ninety minutes, and in Chelsea’s second-round Champions League knockout tie against Galatasaray, he looked slow, lacklustre and ineffective.

Evidently he was not the player who terrified Premier League defences during his time at Stamford Bridge. Perhaps he could come on in the last twenty minutes of a match, but even then I think he would rarely make such an impact.

Chelsea have just signed former Atletico Madrid striker, Diego Costa, and have fellow Spaniard Fernando Torres still on their cards. Mohamed Salah is a player with potential, but is still young and developing. Demba Ba was recently sold to Besiktas and Samuel Eto’o was released, so there is an argument for Chelsea to sign another striker.

Bizarrely and frustratingly, Jose Mourinho seems utterly determined to not give Romelu Lukaku a proper chance at the club, and as a result, the Belgian is probably going to leave the club permanently by the end of the transfer window. Selling Lukaku and signing Drogba seems illogical to me.

Personally I do not think Drogba will sign for Chelsea. He is a Blues legend but he is not a player who can bring anything to the club at this stage in his career, and he will certainly not help the club move forward. Nevertheless, as we all know, Mourinho is a stubborn man and should he decide that he wants the Ivorian at the club it is likely to happen.

As a player he may not take Chelsea forward but as a person and what he represents to the club, he certainly will.


  1. It will be electric at te Bridge when Drogs goes out in Blue again. I was at his 1st and last game for us and I loved the guy. He wont be the player he was in say 2009/10 but I think maybe for that 10/15 minutes a game when tired legs are a problem or we need another striker then ok.
    For whatever reasons Torres hasnt worked and me for one is fed up giving him another chance (although I think if there was a time he will improve its now with his countrymen joining) so it looks like hes jogging on. Id keep Lukaku and give him some 1st team time.
    But Id also really like another top striker. We got Shurrle and its going to be interesting to see if he plays wide or what but we need another striker badly. I think Costa is perfect for us and if he gets the support from our excellent midfield then hes going to be a busy lad and with our schedule we are going to need someone else we can rely on to score. Yes we got some midfielders that will but we need someone to get behind defense like Costa does.

  2. The way i see it is lukaku is one of the best young talents in the world and will be as great as drog but he keeps talking about leaving and one way to keep him is buy resigning his idol the reason he came to chelsea