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Jose Mourinho, more than just your average manager

Over the course of any given season, how many points could the presence of Jose Mourinho be worth to his respective employers? There are not many managers currently working in the game that can be considered point-winners, but the Portuguese certainly fits into the category. When the chips are down, he comes to the fore.

There will be times this season, next year, and for however many more he cares to stick around in west London that Chelsea will find themselves with their backs against the wall.

It is in such situations that Mourinho can be expected to come out fighting – quite literally in some cases!

He is the heir apparent to Sir Alex Ferguson, the king of the mind game and a man who knows exactly how and when to divert attention away from those on the field.

If tension is building in the stands, his presence is guaranteed on touchline. If his players are struggling to follow his orders, a glare or piercing whistle will be aimed in their collective direction.

His team talks, substitutions and general tactical ability has been highly tuned over many years and he is a now a master in the art of club management.

In many ways, Mourinho is as important to Chelsea as Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa, John Terry or Thibaut Courtois.

He brings the best out of those at his disposal, has them prepared to run through brick walls and believing that anything is possible.

It is this ability which makes him a point-winner and has him highly fancied among the experts at betting news source blue sq to be there or thereabouts when the top prizes at handed out.

When necessary, Mourinho can summon up that extra ounce of energy, tinker with his approach or rile an opponent to the point that their attention is momentarily taken off the ball.

This is an art form.

At times he may dabble in the dark arts, but his is a results business and there is no harm in bending the rules every once in a while providing that they do not break.

Mourinho has been around long enough to know how far he can push those boundaries and how to press those buttons in the right order at just the right time.

He is, in many ways, unique, a coaching phenomenon that has blended together old and new – with his style as much Brian Clough as it is Pep Guardiola – to become the blueprint for every manager in the modern era.

He is, in short, the ‘Special One’.