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Stats & Facts – Inside Chelsea Winning The English Premier League

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Right now, Chelsea stands an excellent chance of winning the English Premier League. Not only are there statistics to back this up, but many fans believe that the team simply has what it takes to stay at the top in terms of teamwork and performance. To begin, and perhaps the strongest indicator of success is the fact that Chelsea is positioned at the top of the league with a total of 28 games played. While other teams have played around the same amount of games, Chelsea is currently ahead in terms of wins, leading the other teams with a total of 19 wins.

This is supplemented by the fact that the team only has 2 losses, the current lowest in the league, and seven draws, creating an incredible track record that fans should take advantage of to see some serious winnings this season.

Over the course of their league performance, Chelsea has accumulated 64 points, which is the highest in the current league, trailing ahead of others by as much as 6 points. With these statistics, many believe that Chelsea has what it takes to finish first, hold their position, and make sure that no others get close enough. However, while this is a great platform for many betters in the first place, there are some who believe that there are other options available.

Many may choose riskier bets that involve Arsenal in the mix, which may be one of the best teams that could potential topple Chelsea’s advantage and move forward in the league.

With only a few games remaining, there are not many opportunities left to get ahead of Chelsea. However, that will not stop the teams from trying, and, with a good few plays, it may be possible for them to catch up and shoot forward in the statistics. As with any such betting, it is important for all interested individuals to study the gameplay and look into the team dynamics on a more fundamental level.

A good early advantage can be vital in winning, but it means nothing if the team is not able to work together and utilize their strengths and advantages as best as they can to keep their head start. To stay ahead of the curve and bet appropriately, it is recommended for you to join forums and see what other interested watchers may think, helping you shape your future bets.