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Former Chelsea Football Player Wins the National Lottery

After numerous appearances in various football clubs and at the age 75, an ex-footballer becomes a multi-millionaire after winning the UK National Lottery’s £5.5 million jackpot.

Don’t just jump to conclusions! Before you go ahead thinking the rich is getting richer, there are two things you need to do: one – get your own lucky numbers ready and grab a lottery ticket on theLotter, there might be a prize in stock for you too; two – read the story until the end, you might learn something about life and the ways of luck.

It’s been over 50 years since Terry Bradbury shared the football field with fellow-teammates Jimmy Greaves and Terry Venables, as a Chelsea’s First Division Club midfielder. His career began in 1957 and within a decade Bradbury was working as player-coach in Weymouth and finally retired in 1973. His football career included teams such as Southend United, Leyton Orient, Wrexham, Chester and Weymouth. That said, his professional career earned him approximately £25 per week, but in early July of this year, Bradbury’s life has changed dramatically.

Terry Bradbury

On the eve of July 4th, whilst holding their lottery ticket in anticipation, Terry and his wife Eleanor sat to watch the 2038th UK National Lottery draw. The UK National Lottery, known for its impressive jackpots, includes 5 prize divisions, whereas bonus numbers are counted as second prize only. Players of the UK National Lotto must match 6 numbers out of a range of 1-49, which is exactly what the Bradbury couple managed to do.

As the results were revealed, the couple from Buxton, Derbyshire learned that the winning numbers – 13, 14, 35, 39, 46 and 49 – all appeared in the ticket they had, which granted them an astonishing £5,517,056 jackpot win. After selecting their own “lucky numbers” in previous consecutive draws, the Bradbury couple decided to change their method this time around and opted for the “lucky dip” function, which selects numbers randomly – and lucky it was!

Terry Bradbury 1

The lucky couple shares 4 children and 9 grandchildren, with which they plan to spend their time and fortune with, as they were quoted saying “It is wonderful to think that none of our children will have a mortgage or any stress for the rest of their lives. This win provides our family with security and this is what pleases Terry and myself more than anything.” But apart from providing a stress-free life for the rest of their family; the couple has already made plans to purchase a vacation villa in Spain, their favourite vacation destination. As Bradbury’s wife said: “the villa will be a place where our family can always go on holiday.”

When asked about future plans regarding playing the lottery, Bradbury replied “We will definitely be continuing to play Lotto – and will probably stick with Lucky Dips too.” But whether you play with randomly selected numbers or a strict set of your own – don’t miss out on a chance to live the life you always dreamt about! Please UK National Lottery online and start your journey to riches now!