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The Chelsea Conundrum: To Buy New Players or Sack Jose

The way Chelsea has been performing this season seems as if nothing can be done to fix all the problems that have popped up in the team. The defense is playing terribly, the attack is inefficient, the midfield has done nothing special and on top of that, Mourinho seems to be unable to find his mojo.

Cesc Fabregas dropped Chelsea

After 12 game weeks, Chelsea seems to be plunging lower with each game played currently standing on the 16th spot with 3 points away from the relegation danger zone. It’s terrible to even watch them play and struggle on the pitch.

General consensus is that buying new players is the definite solution that can help Chelsea. Chelsea’s locker room atmosphere is disastrous and bringing new players may just do them harm and make them unable to perform right. Mourinho has contributed greatly towards this instead of fixing the problem and he seems to be at the core of the problem. He has the same roster more or less from last year, so what is the problem?

The players have quality and there is Pedro in the attack who reportedly expressed his regret to have joined the team. And, why is Hazard not playing at his level? The answer to all Chelsea’s problems is Mourinho. It seems that he has spent all of his good energy and currently lives his days on negative with which he feeds the players. He simply needs to move on and leave Chelsea be.

Jose Mourinho lost for ideas

It’s a restart that the team needs desperately and something that is very common in football. If things don’t seem to work out anymore, why bother and stay? With each game he struggles to find the right eleven players that will bring positive results, and after each game he just piles on the team’s misery by blaming all of them and won’t accept responsibility at all.

Anyway, the point of this article is not to be a hate-propaganda against Mourinho. He is still respected among the Blues’ fans, the man that brought three Premier League titles to Stamford Bridge, one FA Cup title, three League Cup titles and one Community Shield. The point is that spending more money on new players doesn’t seem to be the perfect solution. Something stinks in the team and at the core of that stink is Mourinho. The best fix and most sensible thing that Abramovich can do is to bring in a fresh new manager with fresh ideas and new and positive energy. Diego Simeone seems the perfect fit!


  1. Sorry, I disagree with you. So when is it the players fault? What happens when you bring in a new manager and at some point some players gang up again, sack that Manager? These players are employed by the Club not the Manager. I think there should come a time when professional footballers’ body should be able to question the professionalism of these players. The fall is too drastic to put the blame on the manager, it smells of sabotage so at what point should a player be held liable? I think some players who refuse to perform should be loaned out to division 3 clubs in Russia or karzastan.

  2. roman abramovic should sacked mourinho and bring in new manager