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Why Chelsea have the Blues!

It seems like this is just a bit of history repeating. Back in 2005 and 2006, Chelsea had won back to back titles in the Premier League. Fans were happy, the team was happy, even the owner Roman Abramovich (who rarely smiles) seemed to show a bit of joy in the victories. The coach and players were on top of their game and at that point of time felt as though they were immortal.

chelsea vs liverpool

“No way José!”

They say that all good things must come to an end. And although it was likely a bump in the road, the short-sighted mentality of the Chelsea owner and board ultimately led to the sacking of José Mourinho. The club was thinking that they could easily replace him with another to build on the great work that ‘The Special One’ had manufactured at the club. However, after several coaches, many player fallouts and a lack of titles, the services of ‘The Special One’ had been called upon again.

The 2014-2015 season saw the Special One manufacture the desired result that every Chelsea fan wanted. A premiership win with three games to space after they had a 1-0 home win over Crystal Palace. It was expected that the positive momentum that they had from winning the title would continue.

Now questions are arising again as to whether or not José will keep his job at Stamford Bridge. After the infamous falling out back in 2007 which saw Mourinho leave the club with an £18.2 million payout and a bar to coach in the UK for a season, it seems like the signs are pointing to a repeat experience of yesteryear.

It seems like Chelsea is slumping to a new low.

Chelsea’s recent form hit a new low with a 3-1 loss to Southampton. He acknowledged that the team is having a bad moment and that it was a time to be honest. Although he did go on a rant complaining about referees boldness to give what he saw as ‘clear penalties’; which would have been instrumental in creating a positive result for Chelsea in the game. In a way, it seemed as though Chelsea were the ones being victimised. You can see the full post match interview in the link below.

Even the fans are getting in on the ridicule of José Mourinho with a satire cartoon published on Youtube that has accumulated over 400,00 views and 800 comments. You can view the video below.

Chelsea is currently sitting at 16th on the English Premier League table following a rocky start to their season. In fact, things are that bad at the Bridge that Chelsea have gone from title favourites to $19 outsiders with online bookmakers. It is common for the teams to get off to a smooth start as they attempt to find their way with new player signings and develop a smooth and productive gameplay system that will allow them to win matches. The only thing is, the system needs to be working as quickly as possible. The quick loss of points has seriously put Chelsea on the back foot compared to the title and top 4 contenders Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham, Liverpool and Everton.

Chelsea sits three places away from the bottom three relegation zone. While it seems unlikely that they will fall into the relegation zone, if they don’t get their act together quickly they could find themselves in a similar situation to Newcastle’s demotion back in the 2008-2009 season.

What fate is at stake for the Chelsea football team?

Rumours are circulating that there is discontent in the camp again. Daniel Alves believes former teammate Pedro should have stayed at Barcelona instead of joining Chelsea. The BBC recently published that Chelsea are already looking into a replacement for José with Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone. Mourinho has endured a nightmare start to the season, but we know what happened back in 2007. There are ups and there are downs. And when there are downs, the club should look to support the manager that orchestrates championship winning results. Let’s hope for Mourinho and Chelsea’s sake that they can start striking the right chords and salvage the rest of the season to get a top 4 result. For the sake of the club and Chelsea fans, they don’t want to feel blue, but they will wear the blue pride through the tough times over the short-term rather than enduring a drought of winless seasons without the talents of the special one!