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Football Betting For Real Money

So you are one of those true blue Chelsea big fans, who’s always there to support his team, no matter if there is sun or rain, you can’t even consider to miss a game. A proof of your true fanaticism is that you are always aware of any movement on the team, trades like the one of Fernando Torres and the results of almost every game, can be easily predicted by you, all of this, as a result of a football life and a vast knowledge of the teams, its insides and direction, few can claim themselves as huge fanatics like yourself, but, have you ever take any advantage of this privileged ability of football forecast?  If not, and you’re willing to add a little bit of risk to your game days, this article will guide you through the basics of making real money through the world of bets.

Football Betting

Betting Basics

The first thing to know is how betting on football works, if you have bet before on another sport, you will be able to notice that, actually, there is not much difference between betting on one sport or another, but, as each one has its own rules, there are relevant changes to take in consideration. In the case of Over & Under, we will have to pick if the total amount of goals scored by both teams, is over or under a number previously given by the bookmakers. As for the Handicap, it’s a bet where the team with less possibilities of winning the encounter has some points of advantage, so, if we decide to play on a Handicap when our team is the favorite, we should have in mind that Chelsea would have to score more goals than the extra points given to the underdog, and, for those times our team is not the favorite, but still seems to be a tie kind of match, our team would only need to allow less points than the ones given of advantage, this way, even if Chelsea loses, we will still have the chance of winning the bet and have a not so grey game day. On the other hand, there is always the possibility of doing less complicated bets like betting on a possible winner or a draw as an outcome of the game, good options to start getting familiarized with the betting world.

Where to play?

Now that you know how the different kinds of bets work, it would be a good time to start picking where we will be playing, of course there is always the possibility of going to a Casino and deliver our bets in person, but with all the technology in existence nowadays we can always do it through online casinos and skip the process of transporting from one place to another, maybe to be with friends getting some drinks before the game, or to be in the stadium supporting your team, this way you will be able to take the most out of your time and even do your game day betting ritual while being dragged outside the possibility of watching the game. But before diving into any platform it would be important to do a revision of the different options on the web; the offered discounts and bonus, payment methods, betting options, among other characteristics; in order to improve your experience and avoid annoying issues, like finding out our card is not accepted, or that the bonus was only for slot machines, for this, you should always take some time, surf around and read what the casino users have to say about the different options.

“Be a True Blue”

This is probably the most important part to succeed when betting, since we will always achieve better results if we keep informed and updated, not only on what’s going on with our team, but also with its opponents, in order to win you will have to know the enemy from head to toes, and the enemy is the odds, so be prepared, the more informed you are the closer you will be to beat them. Have in mind the stats, but be careful, and try to keep in mind some other subjective factors like; who’s the receiving team, weather, team issues and previous encounters; because, sometimes, stats can tell us the truth about teams, but they can also hide a dark horse or an over rated team, a team that has win all previous matches, but have only played against bad opponents can’t be measure on the same level as a team that have won less games, but played only against good teams.

Now that you now the basics, as well as some useful advises, we strongly encourage you to make a revision of the legality of sports betting in your country and happily invite you to keep getting informed about the world of football, and specially about one of the hottests football clubs, the Chelsea Football Club, Premier League Champions of 2014/2015.