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Free Bookmaker Giving Away Cash

If you think the title is absurd and does not represent the truth, you are wrong. FanBet is a free mobile bookmaker simulation which gives away cash prizes every round of the Barclays Premier League.

Here’s how it works.

FanBet has created a free betting game where everyone starts with £5,000 in fantasy credits. You then get to place bets on any Premier League games, using the same live odds you would find in a real money bookmaker. Finish in the top 10 weekly and win your share of the prize pool, simple as that.

Why does FanBet give away free money you may ask? Let me explain.

FanBet is a really clever and simple concept. By creating a free betting game they attract large amounts of keen football fans. They then analyse the betting history and accuracy of the players, to create a leader board of the very best. The idea is that by following these players and copying their bets at real bookmakers, you stand a better chance of winning real money.

In addition to this very unique tipping system, FanBet also allows you to compare odds from leading bookies, see live scores, fixtures, standings and chat with fans around the world.

FanBet is 100% free to join, as the platform is advertiser supported. FanBet does not however lower the integrity of its product by placing banners everywhere, they are seamlessly integrated into your experience.

For more information or to sign up instantly, visit FanBet.com.