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Who Will Be Chelsea’s Next Legend

Chelsea football club, and their respective and long-standing stadium Stamford Bridge, have witnessed the rise and fall of many skilled football players. Thus, it’s safe to say that players such as Drogba, Lampard and Terry, have accomplished great things for this club and will go down in history as its legends. These are all gems in Chelsea’s vast collection, but who are the next additions?  By the way, if you’re a sports enthusiast and you want to win instant sports money you can take advantage of the many free bets and bonuses offered on various betting sites.

Diego Costa

Costa’s achievements make him one of the main players at Chelsea. However, he has a certain reputation of being somewhat abrupt and impulsive, which might pose a risk to his overall career. On the other hand, Costa is evidently capable of introducing certain innovations and improvements, which is why he’s seen as invaluable part of the Blues’ puzzle. Just like that, Costa can practically dance his way around his opponents, leaving them dazzled.

Cesc Fàbregas

The Spaniard suffered allegations regarding his involvement in the Jose Mourinho matter and despite his efforts to clear his name, there is much at stake for him. After all, he is known for his revolutionary nature, as he captained Arsenal at the young age of only 21. Although from Spain, his international career has helped him gain invaluable experience without costing him too much time. Even at 28 years of age, Fàbregas still has a chance to evolve and leave his lasting stamp on the Blues’ field.

David Luiz

In a recent interview, Luiz has managed to highlight his ability to lead and organize, as well as his keenness on sharing insight from past experiences. Although this might sound a bit pretentious, it solely means that he is aware of his potential. Speaking of it, combined with hours of hard work, Luiz might be able to reach great heights and become one of Chelsea’s many legendary figures.

Eden Hazard

This famous winger has managed to bring his own touch to Chelsea’s field game. Through his fresh new ideas and constant creative power, it appears that Hazard has assumed a leading role in the current Chelsea composition. Considering that he keeps this pace, future campaigns might broaden his skillful tactics and align him with Chelsea’s finest.

Ultimately, legendary football players are believed to be born, not made. However, the right amount of effort could reach this recognition simply based on one’s merit.