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Graham Potter Must Sort out these Three Things During the World Cup Break

Graham Potter may breathe a sigh of relief since the attention that the rest of the world pays to club football will be diverted to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. However, after a run of four losses in five games across all competitions leading up to the World Cup, some fans are demanding that he should be sacked for his position as manager of Chelsea.

The brilliant factor about the World Cup being on is the fact that Graham Potter can have a massive think on what to change at the club in 2023. However, before 2022 ends, Chelsea will play Bournemouth on the 27th of December, this match will be important for Potter and is a must win for the management and the players. Therefore, if you would like to support Potter and the players throughout 2023 then you can do so on an online platform like wishcasinos.com. By playing on this online platform, you will receive fantastic odds, bonuses as well be able to claim brilliant promotions, all of which that will help you to improve your overall bankroll. Nevertheless, what must Graham Potter do to improve the performance of Chelsea Football club?

Potter Needs to Find out Which Formation Works Best

Any successful manager understands the need of making minor adjustments to the team’s strategy on occasion but switching the formation three or four times throughout each game could be going a little too far.

It is quite evident that the players do not know how to accomplish their many different roles because Potter has cut and altered things much too often in a squad that is still trying to get adjusted to his tactics. At the very least, Chelsea needs something to be resolved in the meantime as they become used to how Potter does things.

Potter Needs to Find out to Use Raheem Sterling

Chelsea brought in regular goalscorer Raheem Sterling in the 2022 summer in hopes that he would solve the club’s goal-scoring problems, but he has only managed to score against a Leicester team in crisis and a Southampton squad that is inching closer to disaster.

It’s unclear how much of Sterling’s underachievement can be attributed to the fact that he has played no less than five different positions since Potter came on board. The challenge here is to understand why Sterling excelled at Manchester City but has failed to live up to expectations at Chelsea.

Potter Needs to Decide Between Kepa or Mendy

Kepa Arrizabalaga repaid Potter’s trust in him by delivering a series of outstanding performances until a debilitating injury terminated his chances of competing in the World Cup. 

However, Potter needs to decide if he wants to play Kepa or Edouard Mendy. As you would know, Mendy has been an outstanding keeper for Chelsea since he joined in 2020. He has also been brilliant in the Qatar 2022 World Cup when playing in goal for Senegal.