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Part 2 – Chelsea Players Throughout the Qatar 2022 World Cup

There are now 12 players on Chelsea’s roster who have been called up by their national teams to compete in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Ten of those players participated in the first round of games and there was a wide range of quality among the performances, with some players playing quite well, others scoring, and yet others giving forgettable performances. Therefore, in this article, we will be looking at some of the best and worst performances of some Chelsea players. Furthermore, if you would like to support your favourite Blue player throughout the Qatar World Cup and have the possible chance to win money, then you can by wagering your selections on these online sitesnotongamstop.com platforms. By playing on these online platforms, you will receive the best possible odds and bonuses. Nevertheless, let’s dive in and explore the performances of some Chelsea players.

Edouard Mendy – Goalkeeper – Senegal vs Netherlands 

Up until the 85th minute, Mendy was enjoying a solid game for Senegal. However, at that minute, everything started to go wrong. Throughout the whole game, he was very dominating, controlling his box, snatching crosses out of the air, and giving instructions to his defenders. However, all of that was almost forgotten when in the late stages of the game against the Netherlands, Frenkie De Jong fired in a well-weighted cross between Senegal’s two centrebacks directly into an area that meant Mendy had to get to the ball before Cody Gakpo, as tough as it was to do so. He didn’t. When he arrived, Gakpo had already sent the ball into an empty net before he could get there.

César Azpilicueta – Right Centre Back – Spain vs Costa Rica

During Spain’s 7-0 victory against Costa Rica, the captain of Chelsea played an important part for his country. Azpilicueta’s performance was on par with that of any other player, as he completed 95% of passes, making 90 passes in total.

Thiago Silva – Centre Back – Brazil vs Serbia

Despite the fact that Silva was far older than the majority of the other players on the field, he played well. Brazil had a significant amount of control over the proceedings against Serbia; to the point where Silva only needed to take two defensive actions during the game. His passing was solid, and he did an excellent job of directing play from the defensive position.

Mason Mount – Centre Attacking Midfielder – England vs Iran

Mount was used by England in the match against Iran as an attacking midfielder. He was reliable, but not very impressive. Although Iran played so poorly, he was helpful in possession. However, it is still impossible to judge whether or not England’s brilliant play was more responsible for the final score than Iran’s utter lack of effort.