July 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “Scolari appointment confirmed

  1. I think you guys got a steal. I like Scolari’s passion, and he’s been proven all over the place. Maybe next year he’ll give some people a nice kick in the ass and second place won’t be good enough.

  2. What was Chelsea’s hurry to announce the new manager? I guess they had no choice. I just hope the foreign press at the Portugal Neuchatel headquarters avoid asking the 3 Chelsea players about it.

    I agree Scolari has a very intense temper and doesn’t respect the media much. One of his famous quotes from one of the last qualifying games “E O Burro Sou eu?” (and I’m the dumb one here)

  3. There has been no hurry infact monica 08. I say its a bit too late. Scolari is coming on 1st july only. Thats when pre season starts. By then you should have completed all the transfers.

    That would have been more ideal. If someone has been appointed earlier we would have probably got Villa for £16m..!!! Now they say he worth £32m..Thats the difference I’m pointing out.

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