July 18, 2024

1 thought on “Manchester United vs Chelsea Match Preview

  1. ~good luck blues! stay calm & relax as how you played against aston villa at home. just enjoy the game. help each other’s out & try not to act or being selfish there on a field. in our team,it’s not impossible that everyone can score goals. so,please do not do anything in a rush,too. and avoid being clumsy,having so many fouls,harsh tackles,yellow cards & red cards,pushing rivals to penalty,doing own goals &etc,etc,more. i know it’s not that easy,but chelsea fc team,please do try your best. you guys are doing okay now. no,but more than okay!^ ^ so,once against,good luck! 😉 p.s. oh,two more thing,the defense side & the goalkeeper,please strengthen it/them up. =)

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