July 18, 2024

13 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Wigan: Match Preview, 9th May 2010

  1. chelsea congatulations to all players and manager and stuff members of chelsea our team

  2. @azrul, I am too hoping for the same. I don’t want a nervy 1-0 win, although i’d take it if it means Chelsea winning.

  3. go go chelsea go. Play like champs, think like champs are playing, feel good, not pressurized yourself, be united, and then prove manchester utd that you are champion. do 9 goals against wigan this time. love you chelsea

  4. chelsea can easily win this game by 4goals. Only not to feel under pressure to perform well. Ohhh yeah, Chelsea!!!!!!

  5. @Anonymous, I think Ancelotti has stressed the fact that Chelsea should not go into the match thinking that it will be easy. Maybe as fans we can do, but definitely not the players.

  6. and this time…this time is the time to prove to MU. go Chelsea..go. u can do it

  7. the trophy should be in chelsea’s trophy room from the start of the season and that is not subject to discussion!!!!!!!!!!!!.from benja benjamin drogba mutahi himself

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